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  • I have never been to Bedlington. I have been in Sunderland for 16 years but from Hull originally. In My research I discovered that my greatx3 grandmother had a number of illegitimate children and her occupation on the census returns was seamstress, so I thought for a while that she may have been a prostitute!!! I got in touch with my mum's cousin who lives in Australia and it turns out that she wasn't a prostitute but had been having an affair with her married next door neighbour! They eventually got married when she was 65 after his first wife died. Unfortunately he died shortly after they married. Quite sad really, although they were both naughty they must have loved each other. Haven't found any criminals yet!! Anything interesting/surprising that you have found?
    Hi thanks for getting back! Northumberland is good yeah but Bedlington isnt all that great. Lived in a few places - gre up in Cumbria, lived in Newcastle and South Shields and now here. Been doing family tree for a couple of years, but like I say other people in the family have done far more so it has been a bit of a copying job so far!! It's all really interesting! Would like to hear about the naughty ancestors haha sounds fun.
    Hi Abbie
    I've just joined and thought I'd say hello as I'm not too far from you. I'm living in Bedlington at the minute but was living in South Shields for a while before moving here.
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