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  • Could I please have my moderator status back.I lost it when my computer froze and I had to reinstall windows 10 again, then Microsoft informed me my email was out of date.
    Read this morning they are making great strides with MS .Girl back mountain Climbing.

    Hi, AS I'm not that computer literate, please could you tell me how I can put a photo on the avatar. Apologies for this direct request. Many thanks. Brian (celticbard).
    Hi Jeff,
    Many thanks for that message. Appreciate it! Very interesting and will bookmark it for further reference.
    Hi "Admin",
    I have three marriages of ALVY to HALLAM
    30 MAY 1670 Richard ALVEY = Hannah HALLAM @ LOWDHAM NTT
    11 AUG 1734 William HALLAM = Ann ALVEY @ ARNOLD NTT
    07 OCT 1741 John HALLAM = Mary ALVEY @ RUDDINGTON

    I don't have a direct link yet but it is the Richard = Hannah I am interested in at the moment.
    Howdy Cousin Dave from across the pond, I pray all is well for you and your family. Have you gotten any further in you Crowder research ?...I am still stuck looking in the 17th century for my early kin in England. I have a Facebook Crowder Family page that I would love to have you join in on. the link is; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crowder-Family/212394892116417

    The page is about the many brances of the Crowder Klan or family. We would love to have the English, Irish etc...Crowder's Crowthers, Kruthers and the many extentions of the Klan join us to reunite the Klan an know of our honorable history through shareing...Just click the LIKE tab once on the page, it's all free...all blood family and any extentions through marrage are invited and welcomed to join.

    as for my research, I am gaining allis in the search, good Lord willing...Love in Christ from America...God save the Queen and God bless America and all of you....
    Hi Dave
    'Insa_ly' is trying to contact 'bridekirk' Although he has made three posts, he still can't be contacted by PM. Any chance of correcting this please
    I am trying to make contact with a "Wanted Name" subscriber but it has come back to me as if I am the subscriber. Can you help please?
    Wanted name "Mellett" October 2010
    Admin, is there any chance that you could place a print symbol on top of each answer to a thread i post, if it has relevant info i can just print of the one post only instead of having to waste paper and print cartridges by having to print it all off.

    Thank you Oz
    The Flag system only comes as "Countries", in fact we had to modify the system as it only showed UK flag - so we changed that to show England, Scotland, Wales etc....

    To have "state" flags would be a massive undertaking, bearing in mind how many countries in the world - and then states!

    Admin Hi, when you put up the flags, could you put up our state flags,not our country flag, it would work out as the same as the UK then.


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