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Recent content by admin

  1. admin

    Why Change?

    Don't it just drive you maddddd Peter!:mad:
  2. admin

    John & Esther E HAMMOND

    I have this sent to me by Wendy Hargreaves: Quote: Hi, here is John Hammond on the 1841 census. Esther wasn't with them at that time of the census.
  3. admin

    New Year

    Happy new year for 2020 Let's have a good one(y)
  4. admin

    THORNLEY sisters

    From Wendy Hargreave: Death of THORNLEY ALICE JANE Registration Number 3695/1946 Father's Given Name THOMAS Mother's Given name JANE District MARRICKVILLE, New South Wales ,............. Death of THORNLEY BETSY Registration Number 922/1952 Father's Given Name(s) THOMAS Mother's Given Name(s)...
  5. admin

    Walter Sincock

    From another source - Wendy Hargreaves _-------------_ Burial for Anne Sincock 19-Sep 1773 Parish Or Reg District Madron Forename Anne SINCOCK Age Residence Notes At Penzance Transcriber Notes Transcriber Gwen Attridge _---------------------_ Hi, I found this information in the Cornwall OPC...
  6. admin


    From a Facebook reply: Lieutenant.- Vernon Douglas Hodge R.N., H.M.S Escapade. CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The newspaper where the information came from was; The Scotsman 11 July 1940 page 6 Article. I am sorry but I couldn't find out the reason why he received the OBE.
  7. admin


    More from Wendy; In 1939 James Caville was living at 58 Richard Williams Road, Wednesbury M.B., Staffordshire, England ----- Hi, I found James Caville on the 1939 Register. He was born on the 7January 1895 in West Bromwich. His wife Phyllis died in 1937, so that is why James was written down as...
  8. admin


    From Facebook - Wendy Hargreaves: James and Phyllis Caville's other children were: Florence M born 1915 and George born 1920 both in West Bromwich. 1939 Register James Talbot (Caville) 07 Jan 1895 Male Furnace Hand Single 123 1 James Caville 27 Jan 1931 Male At School Single 123 2 Naomi Kemp...
  9. admin

    William Poulton to Jemima.

    Jemima Gutteridge was baptised at Bierton with Broughton, Buckinghamshire on the 11 May 1759. Her parents were John and Ann Gutteridge. From Wendy Hargreaves FB
  10. admin

    History, did you know

    Cheers Gibbo Information like this, not on any specific Names/Ancestors, are welcome. If you or anyone else has general family history topics, please let me know Thanks
  11. admin

    History, did you know

    I was going to ask where this came from! I may, if I can, borrow this and put it in an editorial on the main familyhistory.uk.com Please let me know(y)
  12. admin

    Parents have a lot to answer for

    Some.names from years ago are terrible:eek: Sometimes it's the.person entering the birth or baptism that put what they feel it should be(y) Especially when the parents couldn't read or spell:mad:
  13. admin

    Greeting from Australia.

    Hi Tricia, Very warm welcome to you(y) Please have a browse of our forums and post your requests in the relevant board. As you are experienced it's great that you can help other members That's what we are all about here at FHUK Community Forums Help us, to help you, to help us all(y)(y)
  14. admin

    Free access - Australia and NZ

    Great find gibbo Thsnks(y)
  15. admin

    Problem with site

    What browser are you using? Are cookies enabled? Looking at your logins, you seem to be using a different IP address every time. So would guess that your cookies are not working correctly in your browser. Best to delete all your cookiesđź‘Ś