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Recent content by Alan Robinson

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    No birth registration!

    I believe the problem goes back to the 1836 Act for Registering Births, Deaths and Marriages in England. This was the act that replaced Parish registers with the GRO system. The Act has wishy-washy wording, and says people 'may' notify the Registrar of a birth within 42 days of it occurring, but...
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    No birth registration!

    I have come across the same thing. The son of a Vicar wasn't registered when born around 1850, but I found his baptism record. I think quite a few births were not registered in those days. On the other hand, I have also come across a woman whose birth was registered twice with several years...
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    DNA question

    DNA testing is not straightforward. There are three different tests you can take, each of which is used differently. Autosomal DNA tests are really only useful for the last 6 generations or so, because the ancestors' genes get watered down. But autosomal does indicate what sort of relationship...