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Recent content by alan wilkinson

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    1861 census Name: Thomas Edge Age: 56 Estimated birth year: abt 1805 Relation: Head Spouse's name: Prudence Gender: Male Where born: Willenhall, Staffordshire, England Civil parish: Willenhall Ecclesiastical parish: St Stephen County/Island: Staffordshire Country: England Name...
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    LLOYD family in Suffolk

    lol me again sorry for got the marraige to thomas 1850 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England to Thomas Lloyd St Nicholas CHurch alan:)
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    LLOYD family in Suffolk

    lol i pinched this of someones family tree its the 1851 census for marys dad and sisters they have there mom as louisa also Name: Joseph Revett Age: 57 Estimated birth year: abt 1794 Relation: Head Gender: Male Where born: Kelvedon, Essex, England Civil parish: Great Yarmouth...
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    LLOYD family in Suffolk

    hi dave i found a christening record dont no if it helps but here it is Name: Mary Revett Gender: Female Birth Date: Mar 1827 Christening Date: 1 Jan 1841 Christening Place: St. Mary Le Tower, Ipswich, Suffolk, England Age at Christening: 13 Father's Name: Joseph Revett Mother's Name...
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    look up please

    thank you so much crankypants. jazelo is a strange name do you recon it could wrong and should be jabez many thanks again alan:)
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    Head of the family

    yep its is in my family to my nan is boss.boss is a bit harsh a word shes there for anything you need help with no matter what she brakes the good and bad news and yep we all chip in for flowers and donations like when my grandad died we all chiped in to buy a revivor(electric shock thing) for...
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    look up please

    thank you so much ozn can i ask another favor where does it say thomas was born if its not to much trouble thanks again i really aprrciate it alan:)
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    look up please

    hi can some one do a 1910 to 1912 census lookup for me please for thomas wilkinson abt 1877 born sedgley/coseley he should be living in walsall with his wife nancy she was born walsall 1877. many thanks in advance alan:)
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    hi all does anyone know of a site or where i can find out what mines people worked in any help will be very appreciated. thanks in advance alan:)
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    Peter Powell

    i cant find much on peter but theres a family tree on ansestry that says he was born 1897 Stratton S Margaret, Wiltshire. arthur was born 1898 swindon and died serving his country in 1917 age 19 will continue looking alan:)
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    Access to the 1921 Census

    i am ever so sorry tamsin please for give me alan:)
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    Access to the 1921 Census

    BraisherT is right guy sorry i wish he wasnt but he is dont worry just over 10 years will fly by lol and to be fair we shouldnt even have the 1911 census till next year we got that one before the 100 years. myself i think they should change it to 50 years then we might not find it so hard cos...
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    just a quick ?

    thank you for the replys.it was the first time i looked at the army records and it just seemed at bit old to me so thank you for confirming it was normal.same here duckweed he got sent to france to. thanks again alan:)
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    My computer has just told me off

    lol i agree. i dont know about you but my sat nav aint bossy but it does tell lies all the time alan:)
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    turner marriage please

    sorry couldnt find anything everything i looked at theres just the 3 of them have you looked on the 1911 census might give you the right one sorry i dont have access to it or i would of looked. sorry i couldnt help alan:)