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Recent content by Andrew193

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    Mothers name??

    I have seen a document, from the 1700's, that lists the persons parents and I can make out the father name (Geo(orge)) but the mother's name looks like "emtt". Any idea what this could be?
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    Eric W Slater

    Looking for any info regarding Eric. He was B1912 in Sheffield and married Margaret Foster Reg 1st Q 1945. I have info that he was KIA on 13/3/45 so soon after his marriage. Is there anything that would say where or how he died or anything about his military service? Unfortunatly I don't even...
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    WW1 RN Ship Ratings?

    On a Sailors service records (enclosed) i have it list' the ships he served on and then in brackets a word i can't make out, then under "Rating" 2 abbreviations, CMB which i think is "Coastal Motor Boat" and then CMM which i've no idea what it means. Anyone able to interpret these? It's the one...
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    Canada/USA Boarder Crossings

    On a Immigration form i have for the entry from Canada to the US dated Jan 21 1924 I have Mitchell Eccles aged 32. He was intending to travel to Los Angeles and was granted premission for 6 months. I know he returned to Canada. Is there any record of when he did return? Andrew
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    Thomas McElveny & family where in 1851/1861/1871

    Thomas was B1816 in Ireland D1878 Glasgow and was married to Ann Docherty B1816 Ireland D1894 Glasgow. They had 5 children that i know of Daniel B1833, Thomas B1841, Ann Jane B1851, Joseph Michael B1852, Francis b1865 all in Ireland. I have Thomas/Ann/Daniel in Glasgow on the 1841 census but...
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    Irish Marriage's

    I'm looking for 2 marriages that i think took place in Ireland probably Londonderry. Thomas McElveny B1819 ish Londonderry D1878 Glasgow married Ann Docherty B 1828 ish Ireland D1894 Glasgow. They had a son also named Thomas who i think was born abt 1840/45 Ireland D1873 Glasgow and married abt...
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    Parents of Joseph White?

    Joseph Empsil/Hempsil White was born 1819 in Tydd Gote but sometime it's listed as Sleaford Lincolnshire. He married Elizabeth Bristow in 1838 and i know all the family from 1841 onwards. I'm looking for Joseph parents and family pre 1841. Andrew
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    No God Father listed?

    On a copy of a parish record for a baptism i've got for twins (in 1895) the parents and God Mothers for both are listed but no God Fathers. Is this unusual or quiet common for the time?
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    Where is Roger??

    I have on the 1871 census ROGER ECCLES B 1868 Fulwood Lancashire along with his parents Richard & Mary & siblings but he doesn't appear on any subsequent census nor can i find any mention of his birth or death. Any ideas??
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    John William Eccles Reformatory School

    Just found a mention on the 1911 census of the above at Fylde Farm Reformatory School as an inmate. Is there anywhere i can find out how/when he ended up there? Made a mistake and the name should be John Eccles and he was born in Preston Lancashire.
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    WW1 Medal Roll

    Would it be possible to interpret the enclosed Medal Roll. I know that LNLR stands for Loyal North Lancashire Regiment but don't know what everything else means. Andrew
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    Mitchell Eccles & Family

    Mitchell was born in 1891 in Edinburgh and his wife was Emily Excell. The family emigrated to Canada in 1920. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Henry Furniss in 1841 & 1851

    Henry Furniss was born in 1833 in Sheffield Yorkshire and married Mary Ann Strother in 1855, i have all family details from that time on till 1911 which belive me is VERY complex :(. What i can't find are anything to do with him or his parents etc in either the 1841 or 1851 census. Any help...
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    Sophia Foster Ireland or US ??

    I'm looking for Sophia and her parents who may have emigrated possibly to Ireland or the US. Sophia was born in 1871 in Todmorden Yorkshire and her parents were Joseph Foster B 1837 Keighley Yorks who was a stonemason and Mary Jane B 1841 Lynn Norfolk. I know that they were all in this country...
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    Transferred to Royal Australian Navy

    Whilst looking into a member of my wife's family i found his navy career. He signed up to the Royal Navy in 1914 for 12 years and from 1919 to 1921 he was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy serving on 2 ships. I've not come across this before and wondered if it was common for a sailor to...