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Recent content by Annalea

  1. Annalea

    looking for my grandfather JJ Byrne

    Does anyone have access to the old Liverpool Street Directory's , if so would you please look up the following years: 1879,1880,1881 98 Gerard St. it. maybe 98A or 98B Gerard St. I"m just looking for the names of the people or peoples that lived here . Best Regards Annalea
  2. Annalea

    looking for my grandfather JJ Byrne

    Hi Dave, Thank you for responding. Yes I'am still researching my Grandfather ,and he is still our brick wall. I would love any information you may have, or think would be of interest. Happy New Year Annalea
  3. Annalea

    Census of Military Barracks 1901

    Was there a seperate census taken for 1901 if the person resided in a military barracks? (Bury Depot) John Joseph Byrne attested Jan.11/1901 in Liverpool age 20yrs. old served C Company @ Depot in Bury. Warm Regards-Annalea
  4. Annalea

    looking for my grandfather JJ Byrne

    Thank you davelambert271 I'm so excited to see all the information and will research it further/order certificates.My father John Joseph Byrne allways said his ancestry was Irish,so (maybe Catholic?),however he did not discuss these matters which is why we did not discover he was a Home Child...
  5. Annalea

    looking for my grandfather JJ Byrne

    Thankyou to davelambert271 for taking the time to respond to my query. I can now check further with these new details. *Not sure if this is how or where you post a thankyou, however I'm a newbie. Warm Regards Hi Annalea. It is fine say thank you within threads. If you wish to use it, there...
  6. Annalea

    looking for my grandfather JJ Byrne

    looking for my grandfather John Joseph Byrne born Liverpool 1880 **Info we have not been able to find: a Birth Cert/Baptismal or any record of him in the 1901 census.If he was at Bury Depot was there a census taken there,or perhaps he was away overseas in a British conflict? This has always...
  7. Annalea


    I just joined today and wanted to say hello. My name is Lin and I live in Canada with my husband Brian. My hobbies are creating music on my keyboard,and travel. My mothers ancestors came from the USA via Frisland. My father came from Liverpool England and was sent to Canada has a Home Child. I...