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Recent content by arien71

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    Russell Paul Marsom

    Russell Paul Marsom born 1966 - died March 1996 in Hunstanton Norfolk. Does anybody know if its possible to look up death and funeral notices as far back as 1996 and if so how would I go about it?
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    Electoral Role search

    Is it possible to search 2008 electoral roles? I am looking for a name removed in Norfolk area.
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    Is this Coincidence?

    Hi Lizanne, it would be fantastic to speak to June but unfortunately it did state in one of the news articles that she has since moved on from her Church st home. Any advice on how to find where she may of relocated would be great . I have looked on 192.com but it doesn't come up with a June...
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    Is this Coincidence?

    Well coincidence it is not .. I knew that Paul had returned to England , I assumed Essex as thats where his roots are. I have Pauls death cert which I ordered a few weeks ago. The death Cert states that he lived on Church st , Hunstanton and the informant was his widow June Pamela Marsom. I...
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    Is this Coincidence?

    As posted in another thread , my grandfather's name was Paul Rueben Marsom, his parents lived and married in Rochford, Essex. He later lived and died in Hunstanton, Norfolk. I am wondering if Russell Paul Marsom who was born in Rochford, Essex and tragically died in Hustanton could possibly be...
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    Help on next step

    Hi Julie, thanks. I have emailed the sites you suggested and joined a couple of local Norfolk area forums . Hopefully something will come of that , so I guess its back to the frustrating BMD record searches.:-\
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    Help on next step

    What is the best site to use to search BMD records . I have been searching find my past.com . I find it very frustrating that I put the name Marsom in a marriage search , it comes up with many search results but each page that I look on from the results doesn't even list a Marsom . Am I doing...
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    Help on next step

    Thankyou both for your help on probate and kings lynn but living in Australia am I able to get acsess to all the information just from the internet?
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    Help on next step

    My grandfather returned to England in the 1950's after his marriage failed, I am trying to find out any information I can on him especially if he had more children. my grandfather Paul Reuben Marsom born in wymondham, Norfolk 1917 and dying in Hunstanton, Norfolk 1989. I have Paul's death...
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi , I am first generation born in Australia , the rest of my relatives on my mother's side are from England. I have just started researching our family history. My mother immigrated to Australia with her parents in 1951. My Grandfather returned to England around 1956 when the marriage broke up...