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    Strother Family WA

    spoke to my mom today..she told me her dad(valdermar lance) once told her the he had a relative living in kalgoorlie boulder who was a undertaker..?? :rolleyes:
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    Strother Family WA

    wally is my mums brother,i guess that makes us cousins of sorts :)
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    you know your old when ........

    you know ya old when a new song comes on the radio.. your kids like it, untill you pull out a record,or cd from storage and show them the original artist that performed it.. suddenly its not cool any more.:2fun:
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    V Strother the plot thickens

    i remember a saying me nan had bout pops... victor ? lance poo,d his pants,on the road to esperance.lol. ahh the things that stick in your head as a kid...maybe there was some truth to it..hehe
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    Strother Family WA

    uncle wally...one of the original good guys...i think he was a scout leader when younger ?..
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    hi all...thought it mite be time to start tracing my family tree time to put in some serious hours on google i guess..;)