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    Info from 1871 census wanted

    Just a word of thanks for all the research you have done on my behalf and interest shown. I admit I dont follow everything . The jigsaw is still very puzzling ( as all jigsaws are) but with pieces missing even more frustrating; I'm fairly certain of my family line until that is, it comes to...
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    Info from 1871 census wanted

    Ooops Robert Dodd and Emma Honeybone who seemed to have at least 5 children together but marriage only registered after their births abt 1881 ! yet earlier censuses seem to have them as head & wife. They lived within a few miles in or around Chelsea/ Kensington
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    link to Robert Dodd artist died 1815

    Frustrated research but still not there. I don't know if people can view my F Tree at ancestry.co.uk family tree updated(2) Dodd ? but very welcome . There seems so many discrepancies in times/ ages/ dates etc yet encouraged that my great great grandfather has census occupation as 'Painter' but...
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    Info from 1871 census wanted

    family tree updated(2) Dodd My family tree here on ancestry.co.uk but loose ends . Can I get 1871 census for Robert Dodd
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    17 & 18th century records problem

    Hi, this is my first post. I tried finding where to write but for some reason either the web page or my pc slowed up. Basically I have used ancestry.com and with my local librarian's help traced my family history back the early 19th century. This is for my name Dodd , which can be accessed in...
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    Loose ends

    Hi, I'm Brian And just getting back into tracing my family line back to late C18th but stuck :(