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Recent content by Bedern

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    My old and creaky Family History program

    Thank you all for the good advice - I'll do a txt save straight away and then have a go with Tribal at the weekend - help much appreciated.
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    My old and creaky Family History program

    Thanks for the steer, but I've got the Home Premium version of Windows 7 and that wasn't on your list of possibles to download XP - but I'll try following up on that. The GSP program is the only one I've ever used - so there's about 15 years of notes stored there. I've got the notes backed up...
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    My old and creaky Family History program

    I've just changed to a new laptop and Windows 7 but I can't load on my ancient Family Tree version 3 program from GSP whioch has served me well for many years. Apparently this program is only 16 bit and 64 bits are required to set up. I know the program is no longer made and I can create...