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    Holly Mount, Tottington, Bury

    Hi Pettra, You do know there are children buried in what was Hollymount convent. Ben
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    Irish relatives - best place to start

    Hi, firstly if they married in the U.K. mainland. Were they Roman catholic? If so did they marry in a R.C. church? The reason i ask is if they did, depending when it was and if the church is still in use. I know from marriages in the 20Th century that Irish married in a R.C. church would have...
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    Lord Coe's Ancestor sexually abused slaves in Jamaica

    Wouldn't it be funny if there was a family link to Usain Bolt :biggrin:
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    ww1 record

    Scroll down this page and the national archives give a little info on Medal card index abbreviations http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/medals.asp#read
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    Major White

    Hamlet Marland Married Elizabeth Ellen White at ST. Mark, Heyside. Oldham 1889. They married 8th Dec 1889. There are service records for Hamlet Marland WW1. Hamlet Marland Document Year: 1915 Regimental Number: 4008 10th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Address shown as 5 Bradsley street...
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    Major White

    Thomas Lincoln White baptised 6th Dec 1874 at ST. Luke's church, Heywood. Registed district of Bury Lanc's. Father & Mother Thomas & Elizabeth White, residing at 13 ST. James street, Heywood. Fathers occupation: Joiner. CLICK HERE FOR THOMAS LINCOLN WHITE BAPTISM CLICK HERE FOR A LITTLE...
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    Major White

    Hi just sticking with your Thomas Lincoln White & family in Oldham. I have searched both Oldham and Manchester council run cemeteries for any burials of either Thomas Lincoln White or his wife Annie but they don't seem to be in any, which would suggest they could well be buried in a private...
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    Greater Manchester Parish Registers

    Just incase any of either families stepped over the boarder( pass port intact ) :) You might both like to look on here. Just let me know if any name you think could be yours and will see what i can do to help. http://www.burialrecords.manchester.gov.uk/GenSearch.aspx Don't for get that if any...
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    Greater Manchester Parish Registers

    Any chance he went back up to Scotland? I looked at what records & directories i have but he does not appear on anything on either spelling of his surname? There is on Cemsearch weaste cemetery: MERCHANT In 1 Grave A Total Of 3 People & MARCHANT In 2 Graves A Total Of 13 People...
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    Greater Manchester Parish Registers

    If any one need help with either Manchester or Salford, i have alot of records for these areas. I don't have all the answers to all your question, but will try to help where i can.
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    Army uniform to identify

    Might be worth you looking at these cap badges, you might spot one that looks like your one? It's a shame you can't get a better scan of the cap badge. http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Regiments/CapBadges.html
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    Army uniform to identify

    Can you zoom in on the cap badge please, this should give a good idea which regiment her served with? Plus if you give details of where he lived 1913 might help to and if married who too?
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    Wynford Street, SALFORD, Lancs.

    This map shows both Wynford street & Wynford street East. Click here for Wynford street & Walters marriage certificate
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    If you think they have had a phone, you could check for them on Ancestry.co.uk for listings in the phone directories for those years? Now i did find three Mrs Lottie Jones on the 1938 directory for Liverpool, one or none could be yours grandmother? Mrs Lottie M Jones 1148 New Chester road...
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    McGowan Family in Salford, Lancashire, Liverpool

    Has any one found links to the Salford area? Or is this search just for Liverpool area? Ben