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Recent content by benny1982

  1. benny1982

    Dead Ends?

    Don't you just hate it when you cannot find definitive proof. I think it is best to just keep plugging away and hopefully the conjecture will be confirmed, or denied, if it is denied then at least you know. Passionate genealogists feel they need to know one way or another.
  2. benny1982

    Charles Dister and wife Anne (Raymond??)

    Update: Charles Dister Jnr was apprenticed as a vintner in 1668 to Saintclere Raymond, who was the nephew of Anne Raymond who I think wed Charles Dister. Looking even more likely Anne Dister was Anne Raymond.
  3. benny1982

    I’m at a lose...

    I have also had a look, using first names only as well as surnames. No joy. I tried DeceasedOnline. Perhaps her death was never registered, or is grossly mistranscribed. Or she was given up for adoption, and it could be the 4th child who died was not Annie.
  4. benny1982

    Charles Dister and wife Anne (Raymond??)

    My ancestor was Charles Dister and he wed Anne about 1645. In 1647, Charles and Anne had a dispute with a Frederick Scott over the estate of George Scott who died in 1640. An indenture was made in September 1640 between George Scott and Oliver Raymond of a marriage agreed upon by George Scott...
  5. benny1982

    Jerome family, Bermondsey.

    My ancestor was Elizabeth Jerome who wed William Goodacre in 1765 in Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene. Witnesses Thomas Rich and Fanny Neale. Elizabeth and William had a number of children, Frances, Anne, William and Edward, some of whom died in infancy. Frances and Ann survived. I am quite sure...
  6. benny1982

    An interesting ancestor Peter Cartwright (c1555-1597)

    Thanks. I did find a Peter Cartwright made a freeman in 1575 and his master was Robert Gabbutt. I have a sub to FMP. FMP is fab, and releases more records than Ancestry now. I think ages of beign admitted as a freeman was about 21, so I guess Peter was born c1550-1553. When he died in 1597 I...
  7. benny1982

    An interesting ancestor Peter Cartwright (c1555-1597)

    For ages I have tried to find the parentage of my ancestor Mary Cartwright who wed Sir Stephen Borde in 1605. Thankfully I have found out, and I had my eye on this Peter Cartwright for some time, and he is my flesh and blood. Wills are a total godsend and a lifeline I tell you. I have a...
  8. benny1982

    Sir Stephen Borde (1563-1630) a Barrister.

    BREAKTHROUGH. Seems I found Mary Cartwright's parentage. Her son Thomas Borde left a will in 1650 and mentions an "Aunt Atkinson". In 1619 a Sarah Cartwright wed John Atkinson in Friday Street London. I did consider this. I then came across a John Cartwright of Lincoln's Inn, son of Peter...
  9. benny1982


    Lots of headstones have been ravaged by weather and some are illegible, and many of our ancestors could not afford one so were in an unmarked grave. If you are related to someone famous, Find A Grave often still says burial unknown. Although F.A.G is work in progress.
  10. benny1982


    Sometimes it is good to, as records often list villagers who can be ancestors, or other relatives. When i have been to some ancestral villages in Oxfordshire, Essex, Sussex and Suffolk I have looked at every headstone to see any names I recognise.
  11. benny1982

    My Biggest ever Genealogy Breakthrough in 20 years thanks to DNA

    Well done. I think even before the DNA evidence, the middle name being the same as the likely father's surname is a good clue, no smoke without fire as they say, but nice to get actual proof with DNA.
  12. benny1982

    Sir Stephen Borde (1563-1630) a Barrister.

    My ancestor was Sir Stephen Borde born 1563 in Sussex. He went to Eton in 1582 and was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1585. He was knighted in 1603. he died in 1630 and had land in Sussex and as far away as Somerset. If he was admitted to the Inner Temple, he must have been a barrister. The...
  13. benny1982

    Update to Trove

    Brilliant. Shows how the PC is fast becoming a "record office" in itself.
  14. benny1982

    Visitations - erring on caution.

    Those visitations are good, and you may think you have hit the jackpot when you find your ancestors listed in them and it gives you a long line of ancestors who were local gentry, landowners, knights and even royals. But it is said they can be the 1500s and 1600s versions of Ancestry trees...
  15. benny1982

    What makes a gateway ancestor?

    Those visitations are very handy, and it is a happy feeling when you find an ancestor listed in them and it leads to an array of ancestors. I consider any visitations with a certain line going back to the 1200s or before a gateway ancestor, even if just local landowners, such as the Naldretts...