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Recent content by benny1982

  1. benny1982

    Gaining Names?

    My ancestor was Thomas John Roberts. Only his baptism and death cert note his full names. He never used his middle name on his 2 marriage records or gave a middle initial in censuses. It took me ages to trace him.
  2. benny1982

    A newbie on here

    A warm welcome to the forums Janice. Lovely to have another keen family historian on board.
  3. benny1982

    Benjamin Bradley

    Age is given as 40. As we know ages can be out, and if they are given a round figure, this does raise slight suspicion in my book that he was guesed at being around 40. Often in parish burials where ages is given, if many say 70, 80, 60, or 90, then I think they were guesstimates by...
  4. benny1982

    Benjamin Bradley

    I think I found a baptism in 1812 or 1813 for Hannah so this 1809 pre dates that, does look promsiing. If he was Samuel benjamin Bradley, then it may be easier to find his baptism. I suppose he was known by his middle name and even just put that on his marriage record. See, incomplete info can...
  5. benny1982

    Benjamin Bradley

    An 1809 a settlement examination of Aintree in Wigan has a Samuel Benjamin Bradley and Eliz his wife, and Ann, William, Thomas and Mary their children, and it mentions Ormskirk. Ann was said to be about 8, William aged about 6, Thomas aged about 5, and Mary aged about 1.
  6. benny1982

    Benjamin Bradley

    If you ahve not yet looked at the original marriage, Ancestry says they were both of Liverpool, married by banns, 30 Sep 1798. Witnesses Edward Coventry and William Fairhunt, sadly they seem to be regualr witnesses.
  7. benny1982

    And we think Smith is a common surname.

    Apparently in China in 2000, a colossal 92 million people have the surname Wang. Chinese for King. Slightly similar sounding words then. Imagine trying to find a ancestor in China with that surname and a first name that is the most common Chinese forename. Makes our John Smith's sound easy.
  8. benny1982

    Elusive Deaths?

    Unknown man found drowned. Died in the street on a job (coachman, carman etc) far away from where they lived and were unidentified. Buried in the workhouse grounds.
  9. benny1982

    Thomas Johnson marriage to Sarah c1765-1772.

    Yes, another conundrum but 2 likely marriages. Long story but here goes. My ancestors were Thomas Johnson and Sarah. They were in Brentwood, Essex in 1775 when their daughter Rebecca Johnson was born. In 1792 they became subject to the Rochford poor law records, and their eldest child was...
  10. benny1982

    James Smith and new leads.

    Andrew Carney. I did some digging and he was a gold size maker. He is on the 1841 census in London, born in county. He married in 1842 and said his dad was James Carney a gilder. Signature matches that of Andrew Carney who witnessed James Smith's marriage in 1819.
  11. benny1982

    James Smith and new leads.

    Does seem odd. It did say Y as in born in county, then the Y was crossed out to make way for an M. Seems James said he was born in county then said no, or the enumerator was slap dash and James corrected him. Could the second part of the M be an O, as in "no" but it looks like an M due to...
  12. benny1982

    James Smith and new leads.

    Remember a while back I was struggling to find info on the origin of James Smith born c1792-died 1849, a tin plate worker of Oxford city, not born in county as he stated in the 1841 census and died 2 years prior to the 1851 census? He wed to Sarah Inkpen in 1819 in oxford. One witness was...
  13. benny1982

    Disaster for Scots records.

    On occasions I have bought some Sussex PR transcripts and they are from BT's as opposed to originals so the witnesses to marriage 1754 onwards were omitted. Sometimes I wonder what is the point in releasing them if vital info in the originals is left out. Usually gaps in PR's are from...
  14. benny1982

    Disaster for Scots records.

    I have Scottish ancestors, and have used Scotlandspeople. As for the leaking dome, well that is appalling to allow the damage to not be a priority, thus damaging vital records. Bucks records are poorly covered on Anc. And sadly some of the FMP Bucks records are from BT's instead of original...