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Recent content by BraisherT

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    Can someone exist without having/showing a birth certificate?

    It's obviously occurred to you that if Florence was illegitimate she might have been registered with her father's surname, rather than Swain (assuming she is the child of a Swain girl rather than a Swain boy!). In 1876, there are 1 Florrie, 2 Florry births, and close to 100 Florences recorded...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Plenty to digest there, thank you! I think I just had the baptism date and the birth date muddled up, because I had added both to ancestry. Phew! Re Denis - family members say his mum was Emily, so that gives us the most likely match as Albert A Oliver m Emily E Davies Portsmouth (2b 1218 )...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Actually on closer inspection you have done me a HUGE favour Elaine! The birthday for Ethel in the 1939 register doesn't match the birth record I had. So I have a confusion of Lockwoods somewhere along the line (I suspect just the wrong birth register record, but it could go further of course).
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Thank you Elaine. I had the census records (yes, that is the right Ethel, with Allen and Alice). However the 1939 register record is new to me, so that's lovely, thank you! I just need to trace some help to trace Denis Albert Oliver backwards to see if he is somehow related to Florence and...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Hello all. I have an ancestor named Ethel Mary LOCKWOOD, b 1892. She was living with her mother in the 1901 census in London, and then marries in Portsmouth in 1915. Ethel's mother died in 1909, and I had found two Ethel Mary Lockwoods in the 1911 census, one a servant and one found for me by...
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    Ooh I think I found a gentleman in the family!

    Bah humbug. The registers for st George for the right date are at Westminster City archives, on microfiche, but I need an exact date for the marriage to order a copy. Guess I'll have to wait for someone to get round to scanning it!
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    Ooh I think I found a gentleman in the family!

    Wow what a confusing set of people! I just had a look at the info Leefer posted and there are another lot of Wade Gerys mentioned there (presumably must be related somehow, but prior to 1830s at least). Anyway....it seems we can't be certain which William married Mary Bright nor which Hardwicke...
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    Ooh I think I found a gentleman in the family!

    Thanks for the help. Dave, the 1911 census won't help, as the record I found is not for whwgh but for his two daughters Edith hardwicke and Beatrice hardwicke. They were staying with their maternal aunt in south Weald, which is how I found them. I therefore knew Mary bright had to have married...
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    Ooh I think I found a gentleman in the family!

    That is gentleman with a capital G. I had to let my ancestry sub lapse due to lack of time for research, but through free 1911 records I stumbled across a husband I had been missing for some time. Can anyone give me the full details of the marriage, looks to be in the London Marriages set so...
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    Missing Lockwoods in 1911

    Josie, thank you so much for taking the time to look. I suspect that Etehl is the right person, and I'd be surprised if Grace is terribly far away given her West Ham marriage. Perhaps I should be searching for Garce instead though! ;)
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    Benjamin Franklin Baird-Canadian Soldier

    What a frustrating hunt you are having Myrna! I had a quick look and wondered if this marriage might be one of the children: Name: Nigel J Hewett Spouse: Candy Marriage: Jul 1991 - Surrey South-Eastern, Surrey Merstham would fall within this district, so I think it might be worth checking...
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    the brown family

    Hi Lindsay. Do you have any dates for George Atkinson (the one whose father you are looking for)? It will be easier to find him on censuses if we know when he was born (I am assuming they were all born in Durham). Oh, and if you know anything else like occupations, and siblings names, that is...
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    drysdale family

    Andy, where were you searching the parish registers? Just a thought - you get different results on different sites. So I imagine you might have used ScotlandsPeople, but I see that putting drysdale into a......y gets you lots of Drysdales in areas other than Fife.
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    Can anyone find a marriage between Eliza Cannon and William Setchfield, to confirm our suspicions? I'm not finding it on a.......y
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    Interesting conundrum. Looks to me like you could consider the possibility that the 1891 census shows a second marriage for Eliza. Her age does not match between censuses, but she may have been mistranscribed by censustaker in the first one, and really have been 38 not 28. Anyway, a second...