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Recent content by brendaponting

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    My grandfather

    Dear Members, I have been trying for over a year to find out when and where my grandfather died ,i have posted on this site previously , but never to the death forum, I thought perhaps it may help to do so. This is the information that I do have : JAMES SLATER CHADDERTON, born 1891 to John...
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    My Deceased Grandfather

    Dear Karen, Thank you so much for replying, and yes i do have that info, as much as I would like to believe this is my grandfather, the occupation listed leaves me filled with doubt, as every other document that I have lists his occupation as a spinner, whereas the manifest you mentioned says...
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    My Deceased Grandfather

    Hi and thank you for replying, I have no idea whether they were soliders in WW1, but it was a thought that had occured to me,,,,,,,,James, however was in Canada from 1913 to 1920, Im guessing he kinna ignored conscription redf)or missed it altogether ! What do you mean by demobbed? As for the 14...
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    Another Newbie

    Hi my name is Brenda, and I am from Montreal Quebec Canada. I am researching my WHALLEY and CHADDERTON family from Lancashire, mainly the Burnley, and Bolton area, as well those who immigrated to Canada. To date I have been able to get quite abit of info, but still stuck on a few things.
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    My Deceased Grandfather

    Hi again, as I said in my intro, I have been researching my family for quite some time, and to date I have be able to obtain, many records of births deaths burials and passenger list, but i have hit a total brick wall with 2 persons events 1 , where ane when did my grandfather die? his name was...
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    Introduing Me

    Hi All, My name is Brenda and I am from Montreal , Quebec , Canada, I have been searching my ancestors for quite some time, but have only recently got lots of new info,,,,,,,,,,,,,my main goal is to try to find out more about their daily lives, where they went to school, work, etc, I...