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Recent content by brentor boy

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    Edwin JAMES

    The death of an Edwin Charles James, age 59, registered in Cardiff, June Q 1919. I realise age a bit out and inconsistent with Sarah's declared widowhood, but possible cover for separation?
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    HARGREAVES family

    Christopher HARGRAVES in household of John Rawstron. Oswaldtwistle. Boarder. RG09, piece/folio 366/106, page 59, line29 Possible death. Sarah Hargreaves. Dec Q 1857. Blackburn, age 44. Vol 08E page 232
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    William Thomas HALL

    Dave. Very much a shot in the dark. The names William Hall and Maria Jane Wells appear on the same page of marriage register for Lambeth, June Q 1871. Vic P S Only birth I can find registered in name of Maria Jane Wells within reasonable time frame. Wells, Maria Jane. Sep Q 1854. Chorlton. Mmn...
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    Denis Edward Brennan Birth and baptism record

    1881. Place of birth. Bigmain 1891. Northumberland 1901. Bigges Main 1911. Bigges Main Not unknown for an additional name to be included at baptism.
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    Denis Edward Brennan Birth and baptism record

    The closest I can get is .. Dennis Brannan. 1866 June Q Tynemouth. Mmn Cavannah. (GRO Index)
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    Staveley nee webster

    Sorry, got my dates wrong! 4 births registered in name of Mary Ann Webster in Sheffield between 1870 - 1875, but of course her birth may have been registered in an adjacent district. Without a firm fact such as her father's name, anything else is pure speculation.
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    Staveley nee webster

    7 births were registered in the name of Mary Ann Webster in Sheffield between 1860-1864. If you have a copy of her marriage certificate, this should give the name and occupation of her father which could be heldful in tracing her on the 1871 census, from which it might be possible to deduce her...
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    Staveley nee webster

    Free BMD. Marriage. Mary Ann Webster/Frank Stavley (sic). Dec Q 1889 Sheffield. Possible death. Frank Staveley, 33. Sep Q 1898. Wortley Possible birth. Frank Staveley, March Q 1864. Eccleshall B Possible births. Mary Ann Webster. March Q 1872. Sheffield Eleanor Staveley. 1892. Sep Q Sheffield...
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    Can’t find....

    I've just turned up this. Marriage. 9 Sep 1788 Madron. Robert Parsons/Elizabeth Bennetts. Widow and widower. Witness John TONKEN and Shilson Keates. We already know John Parsons, born 1791. Son of Robert and Elizabeth. Something rather peculiar! Marriage. 26 Jan 1780. Madron. Robert...
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    Can’t find....

    I looked at the John Parsons/ Jane Tonkin marriage 1815 but thought it strange that the first known child was not born until 1820 followed by other children at regular intervals. Total speculation! A John and Jane Parsons had children Elizabeth, 1815, John 1817, and Jane 1819, at Sancreed...
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    Can’t find....

    In 1851 Thomas Parsons, son, age 26, born Madron is with family. From Cornwall OPC site. Baptisms, Madron. Thomas, 1820. Caroline 1822, Thomas, 1823. Mary 1825. Parents John, labourer, Tregavarah, and Jane. Is this part of the same family? Burial Germoe. 4 Dec 1855. John Parsons, age 64...
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    Can’t find....

    According to the baptism records on Cornwall OPC site, the mother of William, 1831, and John, 1839, was Jennifer. Father confirmed as John Parsons, dairyman, of Boscreage, Germoe. The burial records show the burial of a Jennifer Parsons, age 47, of Boscreage, on 20 Jan 1842. I am unable to...
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    Can’t find....

    I read the 1841 address Trewithen Common Trewithen House is in Grampound, mid way between Truro and St Austell I see there us also Trewithen Farm near Padstow I have also seen Trewithen Common linked to Germoe when Googling FreeCen transcribes 1851 as Calsluick, which appears to be somewhere...
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    The baptism of a Harry Cooper was registered at Arlesford, Hampshire on 7 May 1865, parents Henry Cooper and Rebecca. From GRO. Birth. Harry Cooper. June Q 1865. Arlesford. Mmn Dorey. From Free BMD. Marriages. Henry Cooper/ Rebecca Dorey. March Q 1862. Arlesford. Possible 1881. Harry Cooper...
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    RMS Titanic - History Fact Slap

    Many thanks, Gibbo. Very interesting.