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Recent content by brentor boy

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    Found the.....

    The closest I have found,(and not very close!), is Benjamin Briscoe Dec 1855. St Luke. Middlesex. Age 63.
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    Martha J Swindles 1852

    Have you traced a Swindells(variations)/Redfern(variations) marriage? It is worth bearing in mind that the bride may have been married previously. As a result the mmn of any subsequent children would differ from the name in which she was married.
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    Amy Palmer

    What does 1861 tell us about James and Mary? How do you know it is the same James?
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    William Thomas de FRAINE

    Free BMD has a peculiar entry for March 1856. Death. DEF* William - then no district nor volume/page reference. I know your William Thomas was missing from home in 1861. Could this be him?
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    William Thomas de FRAINE

    From GRO Index. Birth. De Fraine. Male. Dec 1848 Luton. Mmn Thompson Unable to find matching death - presumably he did not survive.
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    I'm only too pleased to have been able to help. Everything I have provided has come from " free to view sites". I have indicated my sources so you that can check for yourself. In some cases there are additional details that I have not included in my post. You have to register to access Family...
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    From Free Reg:- Edna baptised 7 Sep 1905. Home address 116 St Albans Road, Dartford. Lily baptised 24 July 1907. Homa address 5 Mount Pleasant Road, Dartford. Father Walter - carpenter Marriage 26 Nov 1904. Walter Robinson/ Janet Elizabeth DeFraine. Holy Trinity, Dartford. Groom's address-...
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    From Free BMD:- Marriage. Walter Morris/ Janet DeFraine Dec Q 1904. Dartford Births. Edna Winifred Mary Sep Q 1905 Dartford Lily Doris SepQ 1907 Dartford (The date is the quarter ending and the location is the registration district, in which the events occurred) From Family Search 1911. 1911...
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    Possible grand parents of Janet 1871:- George Defraine 65 Gardener. B Aylesbury Mary Defraine 65 b Banbury Fanny 23 daughter b Aylesbury Living Aylesbury. Possible marriage:- George De Fraine/ Mary Wesley 16 Oct 1828 Banbury Source for both- Family Search
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    Plenty of inormation on George Turner Defraine and family on Roots Web World Connect if you ever make a link to him. I see there was an extensive thread on Defraine back in 2011. Not sure if it will contain anything of relevance but perhaps Dave can provide a link.
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    From Free Reg. Baptism details of Alice Mary 1870, Annie Victoria 1871, Bertha 1870, George Seamons 1875, Janet Elizabeth 1878, Eleanor Pattie (and burial) 1880. All Dartford, Kent The George Defraine born 1842 , son of George and Elizabeth, known as George Turner Defraine (mmn Turner) can be...
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    Janet Defraine. Born 1878

    Another child:- Frank Defraine Sep 1868 Dartford. Mmn Seamons To identify father George, his marriage certificate will be essential for his father's name. It seems 3 George Defraines born in Aylesbury 1937/42. From Family Search:- 1937 - George and Mary 1939- John and Ellen 1942 - George and...
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    Janet Defraine - daughter of George and Mary bd 1878

    What do you know already? It will prevent us duplicating your research and could provide us with ideas of where to start our searching. PS I see you have another thread on the same subject. Very confusing.
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    Any suggestions?! Bailey/Bayley/Ashmore

    I know Amelia's mother is recorded as Bevan but it would not be the first time that grandparents have "adopted" an illegitimate grandchild and raised it as their own to give it legitimacy. I have had a rethink about the death of Sarah registered in Wolverhampton. Henry was buried in Bilston...
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    Any suggestions?! Bailey/Bayley/Ashmore

    The death of a Sarah Langston, aged 54, was registered in Wolverhampton in Sep 1880. Right age but wrong location. Something else rather strange. According to Free Reg, Henry was buried on 11 Feb 1875, which means could not have been the father of Amelia, born 8 June 1876. Also at that time...