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    Could some kind person look for Alfred Hans Hellisen in Gippsland 1890-1930 electoral rolls please Bushy
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    Fathers name

    Elizabeth Burke was the informant
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    Fathers name

    Anyone like to have a guess at Alfred John's fathers name born out of wedlock Mother's name is Martha Burke Bushy
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    What are these Jobs

    THRESHER: one who separated the grain from the husks and straw From this site http://www.worldthroughthelens.com/family-history/old-occupations.php Bushy
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    I don't have the original but my copy has been enlarged some 200% I don't know of any writing on the back sorry
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    Anyone know when Passports started or became compulsory in Australia I would have thought about 1900 -1914 I have a small photo of my great-grandfather The family thinks it was a passport photo but he died in 1895 He came out to Aus sometime between 1851 and 1883 Bushy
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    William De Fraine

    This record over at Rootsweb http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hrohrer&id=I113460 Suggests Rebecca remarried after Thomas dies I looked for William under Jenkins but couldn’t find any members of the family in 1841 Census Someone else might have more luck Bushy
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    Australia WW2

    It's a 3rd hat badge according to this site Bushy...
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    Could someone please lookup SAVINE, Joe 1840 51 M Hendon Middlesex RG12 piece 1044 folio 73 page 14 I would like to know his occupation and place of birth Gee I wish they would use their birth names , then it would be easy I spose Bushy
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    ORCHARD, Mary

    Thank Dave How could I be so stupid to get it so wrong? Suppose I was looking for a good scandal in the family 70-year-old dad marries 35-year-old wife and son take over the conjicals after daddy dies, Makes for a good story Bushy
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    ORCHARD, Mary

    Thanks everyone for their help But I seem to have a problem Johnathen snr 1781 appears to be the head (Father) of Henry Emma and Ann, mother Sarah Mary Orchard should be stepdaughter Johnathen jnr 1815 son of deceased wife Johnathen snr dies 1852 1861 Census Johnathen jnr appears to step up...
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    ORCHARD, Mary

    Could someone please lookup ORCHARD, Mary 1836 15 F Chippenham Wiltshire HO107 piece 1836 folio 608 page 2 I would like to know her relationship to the rest of the family of Savin's she is living with And what is the Before Mge on the census is she a stepdaughter Thank Bushy
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    John Holbrook, childs name

    Thanks oznannie 1871 Census was the only one I hadn't looked at 1851 Census..Jane ended up being John born Marylebone 1844 Bushy
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    John Holbrook, childs name

    Your right Steve ,not my fella BUT......... It is his father and brothers with a wife I hadn't gone in that direction but you sturred MY interest Thanks Steve
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    Census handwriting

    And just when you thought you know what an occupation is From this site http://www.worldthroughthelens.com/family-history/old-occupations.php KEEPER: controlled the quantities of ore and fuel, regulated the blast and tapped the molten metal from the furnace Bushy