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Recent content by calliek

  1. calliek

    Free Access to Canadian Records on Ancestry.ca

    Free Access to Canadian records until July 2! http://www.ancestry.ca/canadaday
  2. calliek

    Henry KILNER & Bessie SPIVEY

    Alfred Ernest Kilner and Edith Beaumont had two children that I know of: Marian Kilner 1901 – 1973 Helen Kilner 1906 – 2000
  3. calliek

    This looks like a job for this group!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-31797599 Maybe someone from Blair Castle has more info?
  4. calliek


    Annnd it crashed already! Boo!
  5. calliek

    Mabel BURNS

    I had look for you but didn't come up with anything new. The problem with Canadian records is that there's very little for the Prairie provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) online past the 1916 census. Whether those records exist but haven't been digitized, or are available in person, I...
  6. calliek


    1871 Canadian census Name: Marsdan Kilbourne Gender: Male Age: 22 Birth Year: abt 1849 Birth Place: Ontario Religion: Weslyan Methodist Origin: English Province: Ontario District: Waterloo North District Number: 32 Division: 01 Subdistrict: Woolwich Subdistrict Number: b Neighbors...
  7. calliek

    Anyone have a clue on Canadian websites?

    Ancestry had lots of Susan Powells in Canada, quite a few in Manitoba. If you have an address, then a city might help narrow it down (Manitoba is a huge province, 2.8 times larger then Great Britain- the largest city is Winnipeg)
  8. calliek

    Heaven's very special child

    Thoughts and prayers for your little guy!
  9. calliek

    Annie KILNER nee LETTS

    So from that it seems likely she died in California but perhaps Walter returned to England to have her buried at Chiswick? That might explain the confusion as to where she died. Although if she died in Jan 1931 and Walter didn't travel to England until Aug, I do hope she was cremated and he was...
  10. calliek

    Annie KILNER nee LETTS

    If you look close, most trees have her death as after 1920 likely because that Border Crossing record is the latest record anyone's found. Ancestry lets you type "before" or "after" in a date but in the overview just gives the year without the qualifier. And I just double checked and I have a...
  11. calliek

    KILNER family in Northamptonshire

    I never noticed the borders' names before! Daisy married Albert T Swift!
  12. calliek

    Mary Emily KILNER

    Mary Emily died June 6 1945 in Wales - that I got from one of her descendants, sorry, no documentation. Death for Annie Letts is still a mystery. She and Walter went back and forth many times- he died and was buried in Brentford so it seems likely she also was buried in England at least, if...
  13. calliek

    Mary Emily KILNER

    Sorry I'm late to this thread but I have this whole line - for all the siblings and of course Thomas Bamforth is mine. Let me know what else you need.
  14. calliek

    Is Ancestry on another planet or what?

    which numbers do you have? Not sure if it works the same on all versions of ancestry but I can walk you through how I search for a census record using film and page numbers Do a search for the name with all the info you have in the regular search form. Click on Census and voter lists. From...
  15. calliek

    Replying to threads

    I was having trouble accessing anything yesterday- links wouldn't highlight when I moved my cursor over them so I couldn't click on anything to open it. It's fine now- I use firefox but I even switched to Chrome to see if that was the issue and it was the same