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Recent content by carlo

  1. C

    Indian Births

    Does anyone out there know where I might find records of BMDs of British expats children born in India?. It's a strong belief of mine that my mother was born in India, her father being a policeman, and she married a Lockyer. Its a classic case of Who? What? and Where? a puzzle that has flummoxed...
  2. C

    Its sometime...........

    Its been some time since I last posted or answered a thread but I have been sooooo busy with this and that. Three snipits of interest. (1) Found out the date and place of my parents marrage (2) Found the date and place of birth of my father (3) Now this one will get the blood running. My...
  3. C

    Do i exist????

    Your not on your own Darren. I have 5 sisters and one brother and can find none of them in BDM on any site, for any of the "free" sites. Maybe they have wiped us all off the records when we came to OZ. And as the saying goes "You can get nothing for free" Happy hunting. Carlo
  4. C

    Introduction of new member

    Hi Judith welcome another OZ joins the "club". I'm out at Laidley used to live at Alexandra Hills. Where in Bisbane do you live?. Carlo
  5. C

    Interesting stories you uncover

    I sounds just like my family izabel. I know I was born and the dates that my mother and farther was born but thats it. i can't find them anywhere. I had a hit a couple of days ago but it was my daughjter who lives in the Caribbeanasking how I was doing with the family tree But I will kep on...
  6. C

    Lets have fun

    Phew its hot. 42 today with only a slight sign of rain. But as usual no water from above. I've never know it to be so hot. It must be all those people in the Northern Hemisphere mucking about with the weather.
  7. C

    "Wanted Names" System

    Re: "Wanted Names" System I had a very criptic email letting me know that someone was trying to answer and wanting information on the name I posted on the "wanted" name board. But I am unable to find out more. The name of the person that sent me the email is a Micheal Cadruvi. I've looked for...
  8. C

    hello all

    Of course you will be happy on this site. There are a great group of "investigators" only too willing to help. Have a good day
  9. C


    A new Aussie product for all the cricket fans that are also painters and decorater.
  10. C

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Bex Good to have a Cornish Lass amoung us. Spent many a good time down your part of the world. Lived in Plymouth for a couple of years in the Royal Navy had a few trips to St Ives but that was many years ago. happy hunting
  11. C


    I must say I was waiting for some one else to bring up the subject of the cricket. it was a terrible show by the poms. But I have one advantage over many. If the poms win, I'm a pom. If the aussies win I'm an aussie. Bread buttered on both sides.
  12. C

    Birthday wishes

    Many thanks one and all for the birthday wishes but its getting that way that I will soon be wishing to forget them. ;)
  13. C

    Back among You

    I was great to know I was missed, cough,cough. But I was away at a friends place over the New Year rebuilding his shower and en-suite which had been eaten away by termites. Nasty bugers they are, the termites I mean. The job went well and I got it all finnished in 9 days. i came back on the 13th...
  14. C


    Hi Lindsey Join the club. I'm a good many years older than you and I still can"t find out about my past rellies. But I'm not giving up. I hope to pass on any information to my grandchildren so they will know where and what they come from. Happy hunting. Stan
  15. C

    Seasonal Greetings

    I would like to wish all the happy hunters a wonderful christmas and lots of rellies for the new year. May your searches by short and your successes be fruitful. The carlings from down under.