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Recent content by CatherineH

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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    Hi Ellie Yes, have looked at all the Norham MIs on the link you posted for Davidson/Davison, and also for Hume/Home - unfortunately nothing obvious that links back any further than we have already. Son George and family are there as well as others around the same sort of time who may be...
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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    Hi ladies I've been looking for non-conformist records among parish records for Ebenezer's baptism, and have ordered a film for Norham which includes dissenters and non-conformists, so may find something useful there (when it arrives!). I'll also follow up with the Berwick records office, to...
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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    Thanks for all of this Ellie - lots to take in and follow up. We have so little to work with that any likely leads are worth looking closer at. I truly appreciate your help. I have searched online for baptisms in Tillmouth, but can find nothing for Ebenezer; and in Eccles for Margaret. I did...
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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    Hi Barbara I have found two baptisms for a Margaret Home in Coldstream - First is daughter of James, baptised 1772. But think I can rule this one out, as have seen a different marriage for her. Second is daughter of William, baptised 1774. Nothing confirmed though, so not much help I'm...
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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    The children we have for Ebenezer and Margaret are: Agnes - born 1794, died 1797 George - born 1798, died 1801 John - born 1800 Mary - born 1803 George - born 1805, died 1876 Robert - born 1807 Alexander - born 1808, died 1810 Alexander - born 1811, died 1871 (my 3x great grandfather) Thanks...
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    Ebenezer DAVIDSON

    Can anyone assist with more information about my 4x great grandfather Ebenezer Davidson. My father has been told that he is entitled to wear the Davidson tartan as a member of Clan Davidson, however we have not been able to confirm a link back to Scotland. I have hit a brick wall when trying...
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    Richard HEYWARD

    I am a descendent of William Heyward of Sidbury in Devon, son of Richard and Mary Ann. William emigrated to New Zealand in about 1857 and married Sarah Milligan in 1863. I am looking for some more information about William's parents - Richard Heyward and Mary Ann Ley Anning. I have been...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    I've been interested in my family history for some time, and actively researching for the past few years. We have been able to research a two or three generations in New Zealand, but I'm more interested now in finding out more about our earlier generations in the UK. Our family has origins in...