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Recent content by cazzand

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    Hi, Come across a new name in family tree Nora Hagin born 1857c but can find no records for her only that she married George Arkright they had a daughter Elizabeth born 1885c can anyone help please.
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    Mary Ellen Derbyshire

    I have looked at the 1911 census for this person and found her but I can't seem to find out how many children she had I know some died. When I have looked up other people it has said how many lived and how many died was this compulsory or not to give this info. Any help would be great. Carol
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    Trying to trace a fanny & Blanche Mellor on the 1911 census there father was Harold and mother Elsie they also has a younger brother Harold Purcel Fanny DOB 1898 c Blanche DOB 1892 c Can't seen to find any marriages or deaths for these two the younger brother was my grandad. Hope someone can...
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    Good morning everyone I am having trouble locating the Mellor family on the 1861 census. I have found them on 1841/1851/1871/1881/91/01/11 but not on the 1860 The details are William Mellor head born 1806 Rusholme Lancashire Ann Mellor wife born 1806 Withington they had 6 children Thomas...
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    1911 cencus

    Could anyone please look up the collins family for me detail Leonard Collins wife Ellen Collins liver in bourne Farnham Surrey. I am looking for Elsie Collins daughter born 1989c they had about 13 children in all. Many thanks Cazzand
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    Trying to trace john o'brien born 1838 we think in manchester. He had a son born in 1860 we think can you help? Cazzand
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    trying to trace Leah O'brian 1888/1889 on 1901-1911 census in Manchester can anybody help fathers name John o'brien 1860 Mother Harriet 1865 cant seem to find them on 1901 or 1911 Thanks Cazzand
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    trying to trace o'Brien family father John 1860, Mother Harriet 1865 daughters Leah 1888 (1889), Emily, Alice, Elizabeth in Manchester Can any one help please many thanks Cazzand
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    passenger list

    Hi, I am trying to find out if a Ann or Nora or Ann Nora Hagin arrived from Ireland she was born in 1858 or thereabouts I am new to searching Irish roots. Can anyone help or give me some tips thankyou Cazzand
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    Matthew Auty

    Could you please try to find Matthew Auty on the 1901 census he was born in Rawtenstall, Lancashire his fathers name was Wilkinson Auty. I have a birth date down as 1894 which was given to me when I checked it I couldn't find him I would be grateful for any help Thanks Cazzand
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    Hi, I am looking for a marriage & birth of a Christopher Knight around about 1725 for the birth I believe he was born in Farnham Surrey I have tried most of the sites I know and am unable to find him I believe he had three children, William, James and Henry. If anybody can help I would be...
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    Family tree maker

    Hi, Has anyone used family tree maker 2008 and how easy did you find it. I have put it on my new computer and have uploaded my genes tree. Does anyone know that if I put another tree on to it and there are duplicate names will they be over written or will I have to delete them myself. Many...
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    Hi, Could someone please help me and look up Margaret Knight born The Bourne, Farnham 1846/47 on the 1851 census. Her fathers name was William and mothers name Elizabeth (I am trying to track down her mothers maiden name so I am getting as much info on the family as I can. I am hoping to go...
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    Hi, Can anybody help me with a birth of Sylvia G Collins born in Farnham Surrey around 1915 I have search but unable to find it the mothers name was Knight Many thanks Cazzand
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    HI, I am looking for the birth of a Norah Derbyshire around 1920 Blackburn area Can anyone help not sure if it is Nora or Norah. or even Annorah as she seems to have used all these. Many thanks Cazzand