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    Family Crests/ Heralds

    Have any of you wondered what the orginal family herald actually looked like?? I came across a few different family coat of arms and there are slight variation of the shield when one carries on to the next generation?? I find it that the names were either spelt wrong or purposely removed or...
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    Its snowing

    3 c above 0 here ! :) wet day but no famous canadian snow here in my neck of the woods, but looking down towards Florida or Bahamas it does look real good! sunny days and coconut drinks! LOL :2fun::D
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    Its snowing

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    Christmas shopping

    possibly?!? ur grandpop?? LOL:biggrin:
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    Christmas shopping

    feel like doing that to my xmas tree sometimes! lol
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    Its snowing

    u' all can keep the snow!!!! don't want them over in the land of the great white north! LOL well it s been raining in my neck of woods in Canada ! LOL Oh yah we still drive the dog sled teams but only in competitions lol >:D
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    Christmas shopping

    started the bakings but the prezzies i haven't started those yet! LOL :biggrin:
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Thankz Dave I will most likely will be in touch with them to see what they can find! .. I know there would be a service fee but don't know if they can take canadian postal cheques ??
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    Transcribing help please

    I d like to try to read your 'will' ..I had read papers that were over 300 years old ! careful handling with cotton gloves but if you can can and copy it i d love to try to transcribe it for u...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I started my 'project' after I read up on the book written by Halliwell Sutcliffe. This is the link that I found on the works of Halliwell Sutcliffe. The book he had written based on the family of Metcalfs in Nappa ( Yorkshire Dales - Yoredale/Wensleydale ) It supposed to be based on historical...
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    Metcalf / Sandwich

    Been researching this family tree Metcalf and Sandwich This is the info I have currently have. Thomas Metcalf 1780 Cherry Burton Mary Sandwich 1784 Cherry Burton They were married in Bishop Burton on Nov 3rd 1803 Had 5 children Thomas Metcalf Leconfield E. Yorkshire 1807 xtened Dec 27...
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    Re: Introduction

    Re: Introduction Hi I 'm Colleen, and from Ontario Canada. Been doing the family research for nearly 20 years if not, more! ... Ever since the internet came into my house it just exploded with wealth of information on family trees!. I just found out that most of my relatives are from Yorkshire...