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Recent content by Charles2

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    Scottish great great grandad

    Thanks again Dave! This takes me right to the start of the Century. I have enough information now to dine on nicely for the next two weeks. The only anomaly at present appears to be two contradictory references to one of my great grandad Peter's children. The records clearly show a 'Donald,'...
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    Scottish great great grandad

    Fri 13 July 2012 Julie and Dave, thank you again for your contributions, as a result of which, here is what I know now. Nearly the whole story on Great Grandad, Peter Gardiner. He was married to Isabella and had four children, one of whom, Charles, was my Grandad. We have established that...
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    Scottish great great grandad

    Hi Julie and Dave, I am stunned by your instant response. Am a little late in replying because I have had a spot of bother with passwords. As soon as I looked at your posts, I got in touch with a cousin and was able to cross-reference some of the names. As far as I can see, THEY ALL FIT my...
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    Scottish great great grandad

    Hi, am looking to trace back back family tree on my father's side - Gardiner. Have only got as far as the name of my great great grandfather: Peter Gardiner. He was a blacksmith and lived in Kettins near Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland. Did he have any brothers or sisters? Do not know...