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Recent content by Charlie Elliott

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    The Elliott's/Clarke's!

    Right, just trying to see how far FORWARDS I can come with these relations of mine, and possibly see if I've got any living relations I didn't know about. But, any data from the 1891/1901/1911 census's on any of these individuals would be great. You're welcome to just pick which of these...
  2. C

    Edward Elliott - My great great grandfathers twin.

    What I know at the moment is that Edward was born in 1865, and as a child it says he is from Bettws, Carmarthen, however, his twin brother, when older, puts his birth place down as Swansea, Glamorganshire. This is the info I have right now: I'm most interested in working forwards in time, and...
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    Trying to disprove that I'm welsh...

    Everyone here has been extremely helpful so far in my quest to find out who my ancestors are, apart from they've mainly proved to me that the Elliott's are very welsh, and were welsh until at least the early 1800's. That's the end of my days laughing at welsh people :( Fortunately, you've...
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    Alice Louisa Clarke b. 1866

    Alice (Louisa) Clarke is my great-great grandmother, who later became Alice Elliott. She got married in 1891 to Thomas Elliott in Cardiff. The information I have on her is that she was born in 1866, in Lambeth, London and that she has a sister slightly older than her by a few years, who's...
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    1871/1881/1891 Census Lookup

    I'm trying to find out about my great-great-great-grandparents. The information I have is that my great-great-grandfather Thomas Elliott was born. 1865 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. He moved to Cardiff at some point, as that is where he and his 7 kids are in the 1911 census, and the oldest kid...