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Recent content by christineoa

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    Need some help please!!

    Any idea what year this picture was taken? :D Many thanks in advance. :biggrin:
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    Toomer Family

    Hi all!! Have hit a bit of a brick wall and wondered if anyone might be researching the same Toomer family as me?!!!:biggrin: My Great Grandfather was born in Croydon, Surrey 1880 and married Lucy, Louisa Greenbrook in Battersea, London. 1898. They had at least 10 children, Walter passed...
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    What year was this photo taken?

    Can anyone tell me roughly when this photo was taken? I was thinking maybe the 1940's? Many thanks all.
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    Burial Records

    Hi all! Just a very quick question! Both my maternal Grandparents were buried in Lambeth. London in 1969 and 1970 (I suspect most likely Streatham Cemetery). ;) What is the best way to find out where they are laid to rest? Should I contact the cemeteries directly which come under Lambeth...
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    Irish Marriage Records

    Hi all!! I am posting on behalf of a friend who has only recently started tracing her family tree. Unfortunately, although I have been researching mine for the last 8 years or so I am unable to help her as have no idea where to start with information, records and certificates etc regarding...
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    William Lavery

    Hi all! Am posting on behalf of a friend who wishes to find out a about her husbands family, in particular his Grandfather. As I have little experience of researching Scottish roots I figured this would be the best place to ask for some help!! :) Rosaleen, Elizabeth Lavery was born on...
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    Edward Oakley's Millitary Records

    Hi all, Happy New Year! Am back on the family history trail after a bit of a lean spell and need a bit of help. :) Just a bit of background info on Edward. He was born c1888, Dudley and was the brother of my Great Grandfather William Oakley. Both were bedstead makers (or fitters) as was...
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    Going round in circles! Can anyone help please?!

    Hi all, I started helping a friend with their family history two years ago. During this time I have tried on and off to research further back but always come to dead ends. Charles Osborne married Jane Welch in Holborn in 1928, his father was also Charles and he married Annie Thompson in...
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    Help I'm stuck and confused!!!

    Hi all, Am trying to find the siblings of Samuel Lamb. Although he was known as Sam he was born Frederick, Arthur Lamb in 1896 in Hackney and married my Gt Aunt Elizabeth, Sophia Holding in 1917, Lambeth. The marriage record on Ancestry has him as Samuel, Frederick, Arthur George Lamb. His...
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    Old Street Maps of London

    Hi all, I am trying to find out if there are any old London maps online available to look at? In particular I want to find out where Lion Street and Isabella Street were in Southwark. Any ideas of any good sites that I can check out would be very much appreciated. :) Many thanks in advance...
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    Dayton, John Manix

    Hi all, I am trying to find out if anyone knows where Dayton, John Manix is. He was born in 1974, Canada. His parents were Michael, John Manix born in 1945, Sutton, Surrey and Lynda, Maureen Clarke born in 1948, Croydon, Surrey. Dayton's parents moved to Canada c1972 with Michael's parents...
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    Any ideas what year this was taken?

    Hi all, I have another photo who again I was told is of my Nan and Granddad but it is not! It is definitely one of Nan's sisters as there is a family likeness and by a process of elimination have narrowed it down to a possible 3 of her 7 sisters! Can anyone help with the year at all? many...
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    Any ideas on the year of this wedding pic please?!

    Hi all, I acquired this photo via email as well as a few others of my Nan's siblings (on the maternal side of my family). It was from one of my Mum's cousins who told me it was my Nan and Granddad on their wedding day but we know it is definitely not them! I am wondering if it is my Nan's...
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    Stuck with Osborne family

    Hi all, Am trying to help a friend out with his family history. I have purchased his Grandparents marriage certificate in order to trace further back but am not having much luck!! Charles Osborne (born 1906, Bethnal Green) married Jane Welch (born 1907, Holborn, London) in 1928, Holborn...
  15. C

    George, James Toomer

    Hi all, I am trying to find out about George's parents. George was born c1821 in Norwood, Surrey and was a bricklayer by trade. He married Jane Harding on 20/06/1841 in Croydon, Surrey. Unfortuately Ancestry's Marriage & Banns from 1754 -1921 does not have their marriage record as it was...