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Recent content by Coillte

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    Grant of Administration Query

    I'll read the blurb re Citizens Advice. In the probate search engine it has a drop down of death year and a separate one for probate year. There's nothing coming up on death year. Big reveal - there's something 'off' about this because I'm fairly sure the relative had property and possessions...
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    Grant of Administration Query

    Thanks for assistance. I've searched https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/Wills but nothing is recorded which I'm confused about. I've a death certificate that proves the person died in 2013 so what could be going on here, any suggestions?
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    Grant of Administration Query

    How could I access the records of a specific case e.g. who was granted Administration and how assets were distributed? Would such records be held in the Local Authority area in which a person died?
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    Grant of Administration Query

    I'm looking at a distant family member who died intestate in England in 2013. It appears in such circumstances that an application would be made for a Grant of Administration. Could anyone advise whether the details of this would be available in public records and how the estate was distributed...