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Recent content by Col. Gibbon

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    Henry Walter Graham

    Hi Everyone. This is one of my dead ends, which has defeated me. I have a lot on Henry Walter Graham, but nothing seems to flow well together, so here is the solid bit I know is correct. Birth 1890 Jul St George Hanover Square, London St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 457 Census 1891 Age: 1 18, Ship...
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    William Edmund Graham

    Hello Everyone. I've been busy for the past couple of weeks, since I signed up to Ancestery, and I've discovered a lot of people, but I still don't have any link to a living member of the Graham family. Sadly, or maybe not, our family sufferes from the birth of to many girls, so Graham lines...
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    Finding a good match on Ancestry

    Hi Everyone. A week ago, I signed up for the 14day free trial, and I have found a lot of good info using the Electorial Rolls, but going back before 1901, the search results seem to become total jibberish! Everything I'm getting just does not fit to the data I have, and the trouble I have in...
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    St George Hanover Square

    Hello Everyone. I'm looking for a large scale street map of the St George Hanover Square electoral district of London, around 1860 + -. Has anyone got a copy they could send me, or point me in the direction of? I'd like to see where Ship Square, and Lewisham Street were in relation to each other.
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    Virus Alert

    Hi Guys. There is something going wrong when I load a forum page. I'm getting a hijack to a page asking for me to update my Java. Installing it from the page, gives me a Virus warning, from my Avast Anti Virus program. I've just checked my Java version, and it's up to date, so I have no...
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    Graham Fanily Births

    Hello Everyone. I'd really love to see the birth cert's of my 3 aunts: Irene Graham, 1917, Wandsworth 1d 1106 Mary Graham, 1919, Wandsworth 1d 1142 Elizabeth A E Graham, 1924, Wandsworth 1d 1185 John
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    Geroge William Graham c 1911

    I have been updating my families records, but something is wrong with my grandfathers returns. I have a copy of my father's birth certificate dated 21st October 1913. On it my granfather is listed as: Father Geroge William Graham Builders Labourer 13 Authur Street Battersea Mother Mary Ann...
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    George William Graham GWR Docker

    Hi Everyone. I'm continuing to try and put my Grandfather's life together. I like to try and find out a bit about his post WW1 life. I know from my Father's marriage certificate, 22nd Dec 1951, that Grandad was a former Great Wester Railway Docker, working a Brentford Docks, which were owned...
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    The Storm of Christmas Eve 2013

    Hi Everyone. I hope you have all weathered this storm. I've got a 60' plus pine tree lying ing my garden, which has crashed through the fence at the botom of my garden, and smashed next doors wishing well! :2fun: The guy next door is 5 short of a 6 pack, so I guess he will be going bonkers...
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    George William Graham c 1901

    Hello everyone. Is there an entry for George William Graham, aged 16? He was living in 18, Ship Court, Westminster London, in 1901 aged 6. Many thanks for any help.
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    1914 Mobilisation 4th Batalion Middlesex Regiment

    Hi Guys. I've established my Grandfather, George William Graham was in the reserves in 1914, and working as a Male Nurse. His sevice number was 9650, Middlesex Regiment, and he joined up when he was 19, in 1904/5, as a regular, but I don't know long he served as a full timer, until he was put...
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    Walter Binz and Marguerite Mosimann/Binz

    Hello Everyone. My Swiss Grandfather Walter Binz, went to America on a business trip in 1925, with his wife/girlfriend. She gave birth to my mother, but died one day after giving birth. I've pictures of them on the ship going to America, but I've never been able to find out if she was...
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    Male Nurse George William Graham

    Hi Everyone. I'm looking into my Grandfather's life, and I've found out he was a Male Nurse in London c 1913. Can anyone shed light on this finding?
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    George William Bernard John Graham

    Hello Everyone. My Father died when I was 11, so I never knew anything about his millitary service in WWII. I remember someone saying her was involved un D-Day and was in the RE, but that's it. Can anyone shed any light on my Father's service career? George William Bernard John Graham DOB...
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    Newbie here!

    Hello Everyone. I've just found this forum, and I hope someone here will be able to help me join up the dots I have, in my family tree. I'm trying to find my extended family, which I lost contact with when my Father died in 1966. At the moment I'm a single parent with 3 young children look...