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Recent content by comedygirl

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    Estate sales

    I'm really getting the hang of this posting thing... Just a quick question, and I hope it doesn't seem like a stupid one, but are records kept of estate sales? I'm pretty sure that's the correct term, when someone dies and their belongings are either sold, auctioned or maybe just gave away...
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    Canadian/UK Hello

    Hi everyone! This seems like such a great site with a lot of lovely, helpful people. I find family histories extremely interesting and not just my own. I was born and raised in Canada but all of my roots are in the UK. The biggest mystery in my family's past lies with my maternal grandmother...
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    Ice Rink in Ayr

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and hoping that someone out there can shed some light on my maternal grandmother. Her name was Isabella Bryant, but often went by Bella. According to my aunt she did a lot of the center pieces and flowers for the ice rink in Ayr. I'm figuring this was...