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Recent content by daddygorilla

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    Hit a wall

    I'm struggling to find that information as I believe it will be the Scottish census I need
  2. D

    Hit a wall

    Hello All Been busy working on a brick wall I have hit. It is concerning my Great-grandfather and his parents. What I have discovered is that my Great-grandfather was born sometime between 1890 and 1902 in Ohio as far as I know he was James Stewart but not sure of exact dates or name due to...
  3. D

    Phyllis Tanner and Jack Dawson family

    Oooh, never thought of that.
  4. D

    Building own family tree website

    I am wanting to build my own family tree website to display my family tree. I am already use to hosting websites and that so not got issues with that especially using the WordPress platform. I just want to know if there are any thing out there I could use, it doesn't need to be WordPress...
  5. D

    Phyllis Tanner and Jack Dawson family

    Yeah, the Phyllis I have is a Tanner at birth and mother maiden name was Holder. It's one of these situations that's going to bug me. I want to track the boys though but know that is a hard task. I have a even better mystery to work out but not even started on that one yet
  6. D

    Phyllis Tanner and Jack Dawson family

    Another marriage? I only found one to Michael J Hunter in 1958. Yeah no middle names for them is a pain. This is partly the issue I found, is the birth years are wrong, as I have traced her birth to 1909, but after 1939 I can't find her
  7. D

    Phyllis Tanner and Jack Dawson family

    I'm trying to find out information on my 2nd great aunt Phyllis Patricia Tanner family in particular her husband Jack (or John) Dawson both born in 1909 they married in 1928. They had 2 kids Charles and John, there is a third child Margaret (1939) but I have doubts over if Jack was her dad as...
  8. D

    New to forum

    Hi I'm James and I have been researching my family history for over 15 years, it started out as a small school project and has developed well. I have recorded over 550 individuals and if my research is correct managed to record as far back as 1540s whist is my 12th great grand parents. I...