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Recent content by dawnlea

  1. D

    What do you remember?

    Hi peeps ;D Now that I'm researching another branch of my family, some of whom were still alive until shortly after I was born, it got me to thinking about the few memories that I have of them. My great grandparents on my mum's side died in 1977 and 1981. I was born in 1973 so I have some...
  2. D

    Didn't they do some weird things, our ancestors!

    Hi everybody!! ;D Whilst trawling through more parish registers in search of those elusive ancestors, I found that a lot of people are recorded, by affidavit, as being buried in wool. What's all that about!?! It was recorded in the burials register (obviously!!) but why make mention of it? This...
  3. D

    Valentines Day

    Hello Everybody ;D Is everybody having a good Valentines Day? Did Cupid's arrows find their target? :-* I'm glad to report that, even though my bloke is possibly the most unromantic guy on the planet, I did get a card, chocs (so the diet is out of the window for the next couple of days) and...
  4. D

    NAC visit

    Hello everybody ;D In about six weeks time (hopefully), I will be taking a trip down to the National Archives Centre to do some more research on my family tree. Is there anything that I can look up for anybody? Please note, that I will NOT be able to get certificates due to the expense but I am...
  5. D

    Re: History Mysteries

    Re: History Mysteries Hello again everybody!! ;D Has anybody been watching a programme called 'History Mysteries' on BBC 2? It's on weekdays at 3pm. It's about a team of people who go around England solving problems posed by viewers. A bit like 'Time Team' for geneaology!! Yesterday's...
  6. D

    This is really annoying sometimes!!!

    Aaaargh!! >:( Someone please help me! I know that this is really bare bones stuff - but I'm in such a muddle at the moment! I have two families - both share the same surname (Delph). One set I can definitely place in my family tree. The other set start around the same period (1740's) and live...
  7. D

    Wiltshire census

    Hello everybody Has anyone census information for the Wiltshire area? Calne in particular. I'm looking for info for the period 1700 - 1800 but I'm not sure when the census' were taken. I'm looking for the Lea family or the Stretch family. Any info gratefully received
  8. D

    Cause of death

    Hello peeps :) Whilst browsing the local parish records this week for more relatives, I found that one of my ancestors, reported in the burials register, died from consumption (steady consumption, I think was what it actually said). What was this? Looking at the burials done around the same...
  9. D

    Stretch family

    Hello peeps ;D I am now researching another branch of the family tree. I spend so much time on this it's a wonder I manage to go to work!! This time it is the Stretch family. They come originally from the Wiltshire area but I think that some of them ended up in Liverpool and Westminster, London...
  10. D

    Ship ahoy!!

    Sorry - more problems. :p I've found out today that one of my relatives (Drew Stretch b c1846/7 in Liverpool, d c1903) worked as a steward. I think he may have been a ship steward working aboard the Cunard liner Ultonia as, apparently, he was aboard this ship and out to sea when he died. I think...
  11. D

    Why couldn't they do jobs with sensible names!?!?

    Ok,Ok. I give up. >:( Why can't my ancestors have done jobs with self-explanatary titles. I've found one today who was a, wait for it..., sopeboiler!!!. What on earth is one of those! What is a sope? Why do you have to boil it!? What do you do with it when you have boiled it? Answers...
  12. D

    He did what!?!

    Hello everyone! :) I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on my ggggggrandfather's profession. On his will, it says that he worked as a serge maker. Has anyone got any clues. He lived in Calne, Wiltshire if that is of any use. Thanks Dawn
  13. D

    Wiltshire wonderings!

    Dear all :) I am researching the Lea family (amongst others). I am interested in the Cambridgeshire branch based in and around Chatteris. This family originally came from in and around Calne, Wiltshire (a lovely, lovely part of the country) and relocated here and married a local girl around...
  14. D

    Crouch family

    Hello everybody, I am searching for my family on my grandmothers side. Her name was Phyllis Crouch and she was born c1916. She married Alfred Ernest Lea on Dec 12th 1936 in St Nicholas' Church, Manea, Cambs and went on to have one son, my father David Ernest Lea on June 30th 1943. Her father's...
  15. D

    Lea family

    Hello everybody >:D I am looking for my Lea ancestors. They originated in Wiltshire - in and around the Calne area - but sometime before 1840 they moved to Chatteris in Cambs and the Lea family has been based in the area ever since ;D. I have traced the family back to approx 1700 but there are...