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Recent content by Debbiebee

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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    Sorry, me again, brain even more like a sieve than usual today. The two little Curbishley girls who died young were called Maude and Bertha, and there was also a son who died in infancy called Gerard or Gerald, not sure of spelling. Once more thanks - I realise you're all helping me out with...
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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    Oh, my goodness, all of you, thanks so much, this is quite a lot to take in for a beginner, but I appreciate it hugely. There are so many things of interest - I never knew about Annie! I always thought my Great Aunt Lucy was the oldest child in the family, but it would certainly explain the...
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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    This is probably not any help at all, but I do seem to remember being told that Harry Burgess worked for a long time at ICI Middlewich. Sorry if no help, I don't suppose you can search employment records. Debbie
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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I will try to find out more about Harry Burgess but as unfortunately all my relatives even of the next (my mother's generation) have now passed away it may not be easy. The remarks about Fred Curbishley's marriage interest me as there is something...
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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    Yes, that's exactly the person! Sorry for minor error with marriage suggestion. Laura was one of my Grandmother Beatrice's younger siblings. She had an elder sister Lucy and brother Frederick Junior (who was injured but survived in WW1) and younger sisters Laura, Eva, and Vinicent, as well as...
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    Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

    Hi, Steve, I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this as it's not a direct reply to your question, but I'm new, be patient, please! I just wanted to say I notice your research includes the name Burgess - I know my Great Aunt, nee Laura Curbishley, married a Harry Burgess in the 1920s...
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    New and Nervous

    Hello, everyone, I'm afraid you'll all think I'm barely entitled to be on this site. I am a total newbie at this, though I remember my mother's, and before that, my grandmother's stories, and some things they hinted at, and a few odd things, such as why my great-grandparents were married in a...