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Recent content by denniskauffman

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    Alexander McDaid - Mary McMahon

    That's who I was seeking:) Thanks, Geoff!
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    Alexander McDaid - Mary McMahon

    Hi all, I'm searching for the marriage of Alexander McDaid/M'Daid/McDade/McDead to Mary McMahon about 1881 in Scotland. It would have been a Catholic wedding, probably Irish Catholic if that matters. They had a son, also Alexander, born 18 December 1881 in Johnstone & Elderslie, Renfrew...
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    Thank you, Steve! Barbara, Probably the most reliable indicator of his birth is his tombstone as he bought it for himself since his wife passed before him. He only has the year 1869. Other dates: 1897 Marriage License - 1872 (age is given as 25) 1900 census - October 1860 (But I think this is...
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    Thanks, Steve, Barbara, and Dave! I've done quite a bit of research and have some ideas. Unfortunately, I've not been able to confirm my suspicions. I was trying to just present known facts to prevent bios confirmation, where everyone agrees with me, but it's still not proven. He was a coal...
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    Hi all! My name is Dennis. I'm from and in the US. I'm married with some adult children. I joined to try and track down some family from the UK. I've been searching for well over 10 years. I have my DNA test. I had my Uncle do a "Y" DNA test. Still no luck. I'm seeking McDade's. My...