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    Lazarus Blanks 1756 ESSEX

    Im at a loss; trying to find his marriage and siblings. He is indirectly linked to my mother who is a COTTEE from Essex. Any help would be greatly appreciated please. Thank You :confused:
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    Robert Cresswell Black c1924 Durham

    Thanks DAVE, Sumise these are parents and siblings for Robert Cresswell Black. You have done it yet again; Thanks a million, may have another for you once placed into family tree. My main geneology site is http:// crabtreeengland.familytreeguide.com Please give it a visit. Thanks again
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    Robert Cresswell Black c1924 Durham

    Hi All Desperately seeking info on Robert Cresswell Black born c1924 in bishop auckland, durham england. His wife was Clara Jobling c1924 also born bishop auckland, claras father was Len Jobling and her mother; Mary Lily Hodgson. Ancestors on BLACK side of family desperately needed please.
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    Urgently required, Birth of William Crabtree

    Thanks for reply David; I have pondered on the same two Williams marriages. My research points to a Ellen Pollard but Jonathan seems to be in two places at the same time. a jonathan is in the 1841 and 1851 census halifax. But if he was married in Durham 1845 how can he be in Halifax on the...
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    Urgently required, Birth of William Crabtree

    Looking for BIRTH and family details of William Crabtree born in Yorkshire area. He has a son JONATHAN CRABTREE 1820 Hebden Bridge, (HEPTONSTALL ) Yorkshire, England. Jonathan was married in Auckland, Durham, England to Jane Ellison 1845. Williams wife has been sugested as ELLEN ******, Surname...
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    2 trees mess

    Hi There, What a predicement: I may have the answer though it may entail about an hours work at it; sorting your trees into the two you plan on creating. I use a site that I highly recomend and its FREE to use but you can upgrade to access more functions. It will do what you require without...
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    1841 Census request - North Yorkshire

    Try Familysearch.com. There is records there for Jane and John
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    Looking for JOHN OWENS c1919 in Liverpool, England, UK

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for the info on OWENS family, it looks spot on, I tried to find info on LDS site but nothing near dates entered. Info was for a friend who didn't know much about her step father. she is happy to have something to go on. I am doing my own tree but doing it the hard way as...
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    Looking for JOHN OWENS c1919 in Liverpool, England, UK

    Limited info unfortuanately; John Owen born aprox 30/09/1919 in Liverpool, UK Married to an Doreen Furnell in Liverpool also as far as I am aware. As much info as possible would be greatly appreciated.
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    Which software

    Hi There. May I suggest FAMILYTREEGUIDE.COM. Its fantastic, I just started using it through browsing different programs for same reason. Its the best I have come across and its FREE with basic functions which are ideal if you have GEDCOMS that you want to merge into a single tree.Another good...
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    Help to find Marriage William Crabtree, 1795ish halifax

    Please help me find TRUE details of William Crabtree father of Jonathan Crabtree 1820 Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England. His wife was Jane Ellison married in 1845 in Bishop Auckland, Durham, England. Williams wife was noted as Ellen but no surname known. DETAILS of what I have below..... Name...
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    Looking for CRABTREES

    Yeah: I thought that as info was from FAMILYSEARCH. Apparently he defo married Jane First in 1845 then Mary about a year later after Janes Death. Would be interested if you can come up with confirmation as far as I am aware Mary was noted as a servant of janes household LDS
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    Looking for CRABTREES

    Hi all; Anyone related to Jonathan Crabtree born 1820 in Hebden Bridge, Yorks, England. His wife was Jane Ellison married in 1845 Bishop Auckland, Durham, England. He apparently married a Mary Allison soon after Jane Died.
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    Robert Turnbull/Greenwell, Middlesbrough

    Hi Madpants; I have a list of GREENWELLS born in Durham if interested. I have a GREENWELL link in my family tree.
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    William Crabtree 1789ish Halifax

    Desperate to find my G G G Grandfathers Mariage details and his family. William Crabtree c1798, Halifax area of Englnd, UK. Only got name Ellen as possible spouse; one of his children was Jonathan Crabtree c1820 Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England, Married twice- Jane Ellison 1845 in Bishop...