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Recent content by Dhdrounding

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    William Butterfield

    Yes I think that is him in 1881. However after posting this last night I looked for the informant of Williams birth Ben Whiteley and found a Ben and Eliza Whiteley living in Mirfield, West Yorkshire with their 3 year old son William Whiteley in the 1871 census. I now believe this could be him!
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    Birth certificate help!

    Hi everyone, I have just received my 2x great grandfather s birth certificate and I was expecting some more information. I assumed from the GRO index that no father was listed so knew not to expect that however I have no idea who the informant was or where they were living as the address just...
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    William Butterfield

    Hi everyone I have struggled to find my 2x great grandfather in any census' up until he began 'lodging' at my 2x great grandmothers house in 1901. I have just bought his birth certificate and I expected a full address etc but it hasn't delivered. I cannot find William or his mother (with...
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    Deciphering tax records UK

    Hi everyone, I've never taken two looks at the tax records that have come up on Ancestry as potentially being my relatives, I don't understand them. Would someone be able to give me some information on them? What are they and how can I use them to get information from? Thanks Danielle
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    Naturalisation Records USA

    Hi, I've found a Naturalisation Record Index on Ancestry for a relative who went from Isle of Man to Minnesota. I have found the place online where I can order it from but before I buy it does any one know what kind of information would be on there? I'm not even sure what year it is from I...
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    Edwin Fisher/Margaret Fisher

    Hi i'm really struggling to find a census record for Edwin and Margaret Fisher for the year 1891. I have Edwin's census from 1881 and he is living in Mirfield, West Yorkshire with his parents Abraham and Annie. In second qtr 1881 he married Margaret Callin in Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire and...
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    Isle of Man?!

    I may have posted this on the wrong thread as I was umming and ahhing for a while, is it English? Is it Irish? Other? No idea! Sorry if I picked wrong! I am trying to find my manx roots. My second great grandmother Margaret Callin came from Peel to England sometime between 1871 - 1881. In the...
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    Cause of death numbers?

    Hi everyone, Would you be able to help me. I have found an army record stating a death in 1916 and it says cause of death 1. Can't seem to find anything that relates to what number 1. means Thanks Danielle
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    Italian relatives

    Has anyone any experience with searching for family history in Italy? Not sure where to begin! Thanks Danielle
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    Husband Abandonment 1891

    Hi everyone. I have recently been researching my grandmothers side. My second great grandmother was named Emma Louisa Wright who was born in 1870 in Dewsbury, west Yorkshire and married Dan Halstead of the same town in 1891. From what I can see, Dan then abandoned her to move to America with a...