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Recent content by duckweed

  1. duckweed

    Elizabeth Roebuck nee Camden

    That is a surprise as most of his family were Unitarians.
  2. duckweed

    Elizabeth Roebuck nee Camden

    I looked through Burial records and couldn't find it. Good work. Do you know which burial ground?
  3. duckweed

    Elizabeth Roebuck nee Camden

    That sounds like her. Her husband was born in 1720. That date I know is correct as have Sheffield Parish records for him.
  4. duckweed

    Elizabeth Roebuck nee Camden

    I am trying to find details of an Elisabeth Camden born around 1815 and daughter to the Innkeeper of the Castle Inn in Birmingham. She married a Benjamin Roebuck but I cannot find when. There are conflicting accounts of whether they had a daughter Elisabeth. I don't know if she died in...
  5. duckweed

    Help Walthanstow Archives

    Can anyone look something up for me? It says it is in Waltham Forest Archive. Report of George Sherwood F.S.G. a t 227 Strand , 11 March 1913 London, re : deed of 1759 referring to Benjamin Roebuck, gent, concerning Sheffield, Yorks . (1 paper) Waltham Forest Archive The reason I want to know...
  6. duckweed

    Shores X 3 Sheffield

    I found 3 brothers Humphrey Robert and John who demolished Sheffield Castle in 1649. I think I have found Birthdates Robert 1608 Humphrey 1614 John 1620 Humphrey married in 1637 to Alice Hobson Robert married Isabel in 1633 John I can't find What I am trying to do is to find if there is a...
  7. duckweed

    Ancestral Cobblers

    I've hit a new bunch of family tree cobbling ie when one family thread is linked into another thread despite the fact that it makes no sense. So people keep moving across the continent despite the trade directories showing they worked in same place for whole of their life. Their children are...
  8. duckweed

    James Bennet Cutler Coalpit Lane Sheffield

    I am trying to find out the details of James Bennet who was a friend of John Wesley and lived in Coalpit Lane. I think he is the James Bennet who was apprenticed to Edward Bennet in 1729 in Coalpit Lane though not sure if that is when he started or finished his apprenticeship. though it sounds...
  9. duckweed

    Female Radical Association Sheffield

    Back again with the 1839 female group and I have few days left to apply for funding to put a plaque to one of the women who started the Female Radical Association. The only one I have an address for that is still standing is Sarah Foden wife of Peter Foden but I know very little about her...
  10. duckweed

    Radical women in Sheffield a possible story?

    Hard to firm up the facts but the story reads like this I think though still missing hard facts to directly link Catherine Ash to James Ash. In 1838 Leeds founded the first Female Radical Association. In 1839 Mrs. Catherine Ash did the same in Sheffield. Her husband James Ash, a joiner and...
  11. duckweed

    Kate Ash Chartist Needle in a haystack?

    THis is a very long shot. But I have a Mrs Kate or Catherine Ash who founded the Sheffield Female Chartists. I have found a fleeting mention of her as the founder and a summary of a speech by her colleague a Mrs Martin in 1841 but can't find anyone suitable in the 1841 census. I imagine their...
  12. duckweed

    Mary Ann Rawson

    Hi, Realize its a long time since I last posted because my family history research has had to take a back seat though how to research a historic person's life is proved a very useful skill. At present I am trying to help a friend who after finding out the grave of her hero found that the whole...
  13. duckweed

    Chartist couple Harrison

    Come back to my friendly detectives to see if we can finally sort this mystery out. In 1842 Ann Harrison chair of Female Sheffield Chartists made a speech. Around same time a Harrison teamed up with Richard Otley as delegates from Sheffield to a Chartist meeting in Manchester. I am guessing this...
  14. duckweed

    Hannah Kilham nee Spurr

    I have found this intriguing story about a Methodist/Quaker Missionary named Hannah Kilham. She was apparently born in Sheffield on the 12th August 1774 to Peter and Hannah Spurr who are described as respectable tradespeople. I am wondering what their occupation was and where they lived...
  15. duckweed

    Need help re John Watson architect

    I am trying to establish a link between John Carr of Horbury Wakefield Mason and Architect to John Watson (possibly stone Mason too) architect of Wakefield. I think that his son Charles Watson may have worked for John Carr at Wentworth Woodhouse. John Watson built the Foundling Hospital at...