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Recent content by duncanmclean1

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    McLean ~ 1881 Census Paisley Scotland

    Thanks Geoff. Duncan
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    McLean ~ 1881 Census Paisley Scotland

    Thanks for your concern Geoff and to ensure that I don't inadvertently infringe the forum rules again can you explain exactly where I went wrong? As far as I can see the only individuals I mentioned in my posting were John McLean (b. abt. 1752 and no death date but not likely to be still...
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    McLean ~ 1881 Census Paisley Scotland

    OK, here's another post from me to let me qualify for access to the PM system! Following on from my last post on Archibald McLean, my GG Uncle, can I draw your attention to my McLean family tree which is a Public Tree on Ancestry called "Family of William Laughlan McLean (1915 - 1982) of...
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    McLean ~ 1881 Census Paisley Scotland

    Hi Kelly, it's great to hear from you cousin (3rd cousin once removed to be precise!) and there's a lot I can tell you about your GGGF Archibald and his ancestors. How much do you know already? By the way, I'm descended from Archibald's younger brother Daniel (b.1860) and live in England...
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    McLean ~ 1881 Census Paisley Scotland

    Hi, and apologies for posting to this very old thread but I've only just become aware of it and joined the forum. The thread asks for information about Archibald McLean (1850-1880) from Paisley who was my Great Great Uncle. I am descended from his younger brother Daniel. If KAEaston, Kinshar or...