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    One for Edward

    Hi Many Thanks for the photo not done any family history for ages. Ed
  2. Edward

    Hi GP, I have not done much research recently but have had a an occasional look for Ancestors...

    Hi GP, I have not done much research recently but have had a an occasional look for Ancestors but not done anything on the Trodd tree. Had my first Grandchild born on 1 July so that has been exciting. Eddie
  3. Edward

    Anthony Barry and a lady Bamford

    Hi, Have a look at the Lancashire Parish Records http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/parish.html Often a good source for Lancashire records. Ed
  4. Edward

    Which tree software???

    Hi, I use Family Historian I like the way it works and the diagrams but there is lot out there. http://genealogy-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ The reviews don't say very much but it is it a list of the paid for software out there. You can also get free programs or trial versions of some...
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    Great day

    Many thanks for the link Lee lots of Cozens and Parker's in there as well I hadn't found that list so many thanks for that. Ed
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    Please sign the e-petition

    Signed It would be really good to be able to get a copy via email. Thanks ED
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    Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

    HI, I will be going to visit my Parents so taking the rest of the week off as well might get time to do some family history whilst I am there. Ed
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    House numbers

    You need to be careful where the houses are numbered with odd on one side and even numbers on the other the schedules go down one side then cross and go back along the other as that is the order the houses were done in. the road I am living in currently has been renumbered at least twice it is...
  9. Edward

    Family names

    Hi I have a family with Frances Sarah Bilbe born 1831 Sarah Frances Bilbe born 1839 in the 1851 census Frances is 20 Sarah Frances is 11 In the 1841 Census Sarah is 10 Frances is 1 So they swap names between the Censuses They don't want to make your life easy! Ed
  10. Edward

    Edward Slade 1862

    It Makes sense that he was call Harry as that was what my Grandfather recorded him as on his tree. It just makes the records harder to find when it wasn't the name used on official documents. I have no records about Arthur's first period of military service but the copy of the sign up paper I...
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    Edward Slade 1862

    Hi Thanks it would be interesting to have a list of what you have. Among the war papers I have electronic copies of for Harry is a note that his Nephew H.G.Slade was wounded dated 22/5/15. I don't have any other record of H. G. Slade so don't know where he fits in the tree? Ed
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    Panmure St, Elswick, Newcastle

    Hi I would try the Newcastle central library as the most likely place to have a photo. I couldn't find one on the web. Hope this helps. Ed.
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    Edward Slade 1862

    I don't have the Australian census records they would be interesting to see. Ed.
  14. Edward

    Edward Slade 1862

    Hi, I think this is Edward in the 1881 Census. shown as 18 years of age. https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/X3LS-RST working as a Grocers Assistant. He should be 20/21 in 1883 his birthday is in July. Ed
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    Google Plus

    Hi Added the site to my Google+ profile I use linked in to keep in touch with work collegues Haven't used facebook or twitter. Thanks Ed