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Recent content by ellisl

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    families on passenger lists - always together?

    Hi Lisa, Its a longshot as I notice you the last time you were on this site was 2010, but on the off chance you get an email reply to this message, I'll give it a go. I came across your post whilst looking into my fathers family tree. His grandfather and my great-grandfather was Robert Edwin...
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    Help finding fathers name

    Thank you DaveHam9 & emeltee. That has given me something to go on, I will look into the possibility of the fathers name being Mountford. I had seen the Baptism of Emily Mountford Ellis showing the fathers name as James (I didn't however realise it had been crossed out).
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    Help finding fathers name

    Hi, I am new to Genealogy. I am looking for a point in the right direction to help find my great-grandfathers fathers name. My great-grandfather details.. Edwin Mountford Ellis Born 2 SEP 1888 Burslem, Staffordshire, England Died Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland He had an older sister...