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Recent content by Elly

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    Bridgitte Whelan - help please??

    Hi there... Thank you for your message re Bridget & the info you have provided about the area she was from. I would be extremely grateful for any information you could provide as I am really struggling to get any further with her.... I look forward to hearing from you... Elly :)
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    Missing Jennings

    Hya... I am currently trying to find some information re Katherine Jennings, also known as Kitty/Kate, born c1925 in the Wakefield area, West Yorkshire. Her parents were John Thomas & mum's name was Mabel Jennings we think?? She died aged 35 & has been buried in Sharlston, West Yorkshire...
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    Bridgitte Whelan - help please??

    Hya Steve... Yes I have that...but thank u anyway. Amanda had a younger sister but I can't trace her...I think she was put into care as a baby? I intend to do some more digging this evening to see what extra info I can find...I am just at the frustrating stage as everywhere I turn seems to be...
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    Bridgitte Whelan - help please??

    Hiya... thanks to everyone so far for their help...it is appreciated. I have very little to go on unfortunately...I know Bridget lived on Argie Rd, Leeds in 1965 as she had a daur whilst living there...called Amanda Jayne Wilson...Bridget's partner was Brian Robert Wilson at the time. (I have...
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    Bridgitte Whelan - help please??

    Hi there... I am wondering if somebody could please help me find some info regarding Bridgitte Mary Whelan. I don't have a date of birth but believe she was born between 1935 & 1945. She lived in the Leeds (west yorks) area around 1965 & She went onto marry Harry Herdman in 1970 in Leeds? I...
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    Christopher Grindell Braithwaite

    I can't help you with your Christopher Patkite, but I am certainly interested in the Grindell surname....They were my GG Grandmother's family....all from either East or West Yorkshire so far. Do you know of any other links to this surname? Regards
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    Radici Links ~ The Italian Genealogy Webclub

    Hiya Dave No worries....I'll make a list & let you have it O0 I'm glad I can be of help....It keeps me out of mischief...lol Kind regards
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    Radici Links ~ The Italian Genealogy Webclub

    Hiya, I hope you don't mind me posting links, I place most of them in the 'Genealogy Links' section, but if they are connected to a particular forum, I post them in the hope that 'newbies' would be able to find them abit easier. Would you prefer me to add them straight to the Genealogy Links...
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    help wanted

    Hiya Rachel....whereabouts was your Grandma from & where did they marry?
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    Behind the Name...

    http://www.behindthename.com/ The etymology & history of first names
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    Italian Genealogy ~ Forum site

    http://italiangenealogy.tardio.com/ Very useful forum site....worth a look!
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    Radici Links ~ The Italian Genealogy Webclub

    http://www.initaly.com/gene/mem/links.htm Various links for researching Italian Genealogy
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    Glossary of French Genealogy Terms

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    Latin Dictionary & Grammar Aid

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    Hibernia - Irish Family History in the Liverpool Area