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Recent content by em26

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    Indian army-Charles & Thomas Shoubridge

    Hi Patrickw & Juliejtp, Thank you very much for your help Emily
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    Indian army-Charles & Thomas Shoubridge

    Hi Dark Crystal, Thank you for your help its greatly appreciated! Many thanks Emily
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    Indian army-Charles & Thomas Shoubridge

    Hi All, I am trying to find out further information on my great great grandfather, Charles Alban Grevis Shoubridge and his brother Thomas Herbert Shoubridge, we think their parents were a Herbert and Florence Shoubridge. Charles married a May Travers Phillips and they had a daughter named...
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    Tea dealers in Belfast

    Thanks Julie, I will check that now
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    Tea dealers in Belfast

    Hi, I am looking for some help researching the profession of my gg grandfather. His name was Charles Doherty and my research has shown he was a Wholesale Tea Dealer in the 1 Exchange Buildings, Waring Street, Belfast in around 1907 (could have been much earlier but this is the only date I have...
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    good researcher/investigator?

    Thank you Peta, i will follow your advice and keep my fingers crossed!
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    good researcher/investigator?

    Thank you for your help
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    good researcher/investigator?

    Hi, I am trying to trace my birth grandmother as my mother was adopted as a baby. I have had lots of help from some really kind people on different genealogy forums who have helped me gather as much information as possible but i have now hit a brick wall as i have no way of knowing if she...
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    middle name?

    Hi Julie, Thank you for your message and for looking up that information for me. I already have her Birth Cert but it has no middle name listed which is why i wanted to try and get hold of a baptism record or check if anyone knew of a different method of getting hold of it. Thanks for your help.
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    Hello, I am currently researching my gg grandfathers family. All i know is that he married in 1876 to a Frances Bowker Daly and was a tea dealer in Belfast they went on to have three children, Mary,Joeph and Edmond. I would love any more information on Charles and Frances's parents,siblings...
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    middle name?

    Hi Helen, Thank you very mcuh for your message. I don't think that is the right Ann. The Ann i am looking for was born in York and baptised in St georges church in york. I have tired to make contact with the church to see if they still hold baptism records from the 20's but have had no luck...
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    middle name?

    Hi, Would anyone know how to search for a middle name? I am looking for a middle name for an Ann Doherty dob 19/04/1927. Thank you Emily
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    Birth Records

    Hello, I am looking for any records of birth from a marriage in brentford essex in 1926between Edmond Doherty DOB 1892 and Winsome Shoubridge DOB 1904 I know they had one daughter called Ann Doherty DOB 1927,York but there was a suggestion in my notes that she may of had other siblings. Also...
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    Looking for places & DOD's

    Hi I am looking for the places and Date of deaths for the folllowing people. My ggg grandparents..... Charles Doherty Frances Bowker Daly (Doherty) Married in Londonderry in 1876.They were registered as living in Wellington Park, Belfast in 1911, Charles was a Tea Dealer (i do not have thier...
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    Hi to all!

    Hi all, Firstly I would like to say what a great site! I am new to genealogy but in the small amount of time that I have been researching I have become completely addicted, it is fascinating to find out little bits of information about people that lived so long ago and it is so satisfying to...