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Recent content by emeltee

  1. emeltee

    Being picky?

    It's always possible that for some reason the owners of the trees with less than 3 children haven't found the others.
  2. emeltee

    Emma de FRAINE

    I can't find her in 1881 but there is this death Emma de Fraine Sep 1883 Bromley 2a 199 aged 67
  3. emeltee


    Findmypast is free this weekend
  4. emeltee

    Looking for

    What exactly are you after? Is it birth, marriage, death, Census entry? Was she born in 1900?
  5. emeltee

    Elusive Deaths?

    There are times when I can find the marriage of the parents and baptisms of some of the children but not necessarily all of them. I know there are other children because they appear in Censuses and later as witnesses at weddings even but their baptism is not to be found.
  6. emeltee

    Benjamin Bradley

    Sorry, missed that one.
  7. emeltee

    Benjamin Bradley

    Benjamin is buried in Ormkirk Benjamin Bradley buried 2 June 1818 aged 40 Ormskirk, Ss Peter and Paul. Residence Burscough. Image on fmp
  8. emeltee


    There is a baptism for a Henry Glasebrook 1 October 1738 in Madeley, and one for a Sarah Palmer 4 May 1745 also in Madeley.
  9. emeltee

    George Goodwin

    I can only find the baptism of one child to George and Mary, a son George in 1778. The death of George Senior in 1779 might explain why there are no other children.
  10. emeltee

    George Goodwin

    There is a burial in Madeley 2 June 1779 but the entry just states George Goodwin, a man (as opposed to other entries on the page which say infant or young man)
  11. emeltee

    George Goodwin

    I can't see a burial for George but there is this one for a Mary Goodwin in Madeley 12 October 1819 aged 74 Abode Coalport Unfortunately I cannot find a baptism c1745 Also the image on fmp of the 1746 baptism for George gives his father as William not George
  12. emeltee

    And we think Smith is a common surname.

    My maiden name was Smith. My father's mother was a Smith who married a Smith - a double whammy. Christian names such as John, William and Ellen/Mary Ellen didn't help much. However there are times when I have found the more unusual surnames more difficult to trace because no one knew how to...
  13. emeltee

    History, did you know

    Don't know where you found all that but it made for fascinating reading. Thanks.
  14. emeltee

    Elusive Deaths?

    Not only do some disappear from the Census but there are some who aren't baptised or married either. There are so many baptisms , marriages and deaths that I cannot find I sometimes wonder how I manage to have a family tree!
  15. emeltee

    Elusive Deaths?

    It is always possible that they didn't die in the place you expected them to.