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Recent content by emeltee

  1. emeltee

    Ann HIRST

    Ann Hirst Jan 1867 Fylde 8e 455 age 55 Burial Ann Hirst buried 19 February 1867 St John the Evangelist, Blackpool Age 55 Abode Blackpool
  2. emeltee

    1881 Marriage in Birr

    Elen's surname is Quinan. The Minister's surname looks as though it begins with a B and possibly ends ..gher. Sorry Dave, best I can do.
  3. emeltee

    George GRIM/GRIMM

    1851 Upper Tenements, Brechin, Forfarshire (Angus) Robert Grim 50 Warper Brechin Isobella Grim wife 50 Brechin James Grim son 24 Jnymn House Carpenter Brechin George Grim son 17 App House Carpenter Brechin Mary Grim dau 10 Scholar Brechin
  4. emeltee

    Charles G EDWARDS

    Sounds daft but Musical String Manufacturer? I'd say I Thomas for the Registrar. Definitely a different letter to the J of Jane.
  5. emeltee

    Mary SMITH in Devon

    HO107/205/4/F8/p10 Barndon, East Down, Barnstaple Charles Smith 60 Farmer Charles Smith 25 George Smith 25 Elizabeth Smith 60 Mary Smith 20 Ann Smith 25 All born Devon Don't know if Mary died and Charles remarried toElizabeth as I can't find a death or a marriage. However Charles, George, Mary...
  6. emeltee

    Edward DINES

    1851 HO107/1622/F284/p3 Nachott Lane, Green Elms, Wye, Ashford Edward Dines 80 Farmer Kent Margaret Dines wife 59 Smeeth, Kent Elinor Dines dau 16 unm Wye, Kent William Dines son 32 unm Wye, Kent Mary Ann Dines g/dau 2 Wye Kent Kent Burial Index Brabourne Parish Edward Dines buried 15...
  7. emeltee

    Benjamin John BENNETT

    fmp has 62 baptisms in England for Benjamin Bennett but only one of them is for a Benjamin John Benjamin John Bennett 26 January 1831 Leicester, parents Benjamin and Elizabeth
  8. emeltee

    George BARRATT & Ann MARTIN

    Check your emails
  9. emeltee

    What does this mean?

    Thanks Julie. I had actually tried looking up the phrase and antea was the only bit I could get translated. I was wondering if it was implying that the entry was late bring entered into the register.
  10. emeltee

    What does this mean?

    Free Reg has a transcripton for a baptism which took place in Harewood, Yorkshire, in 1615. In the notes it says 'plac. antea' Does anyone have any idea what this means, please.
  11. emeltee


    Baptism Isaac Beardsmore 4 April 1817 Nuthall, parents Jabus(sic) and Mary 1841 HO107/860/3/F6/p6 New Farm, Nuthall, Basford Jabez Beardmore 50 Groom No Mary Beardmore 55 No Eunice Beardmore 15 Yes John Beardmore 10 Yes Mary Beardmore 10 Yes William Beardmore 3 Yes Margaret Beardmore 1 Yes...
  12. emeltee


    Can find Jane in 1861. From the GRO site William Beardsmore Mar 1838 Basford 15 420 mmn Burrowman Margaret Beardsmore Mar 1840 Basford 15 419 mmn Burrowman Mary Beardsmore Jun 1841 Basford 15 412 Burrowman Jane Beardsmore Sep 1842 Basford 15 396 mmn Burrowman Marriage Isaac...
  13. emeltee

    William BLACKLEY

    I've found a couple of burials Parish of Walton on the Hill, Chapel of St Mary, Bootle John Blackley buried 2 January 1884 aged 30. Abode 4 Telford Street, Liverpool. Also this one but the age is out by 10 years Jannett Blackley buried 6 December 1863 aged 24. No abode given unfortunately.
  14. emeltee

    William BLACKLEY

    In 1881 number 40 Hardwick Street is occupied by a family called Sagg.