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Recent content by Ethebra

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    American relatives

    Hi, I'm English and I would be interested to know more about my American family history. I discovered that my maternal grandmother Sylvia married an American soldier after the war. They went to live in the U.S. in Missouri. They had a daughter named Teressa (my aunt). Their second daughter...
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    Want to know mother's family tree

    Hello, I posted in this site a month or two ago about my dad's family tree. This time I'm wondering about my mother's side. As I can't mention her name (I don't want her finding out I'm doing a search on her) is it okay to ask someone via PM? Basically I was born out of wedlock and as my...
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    My grandad's birth certificate

    Hi, How would I get hold of my grandad's birth certificate? I don't know his mother's first name. I'd like to know what her first name is, and also when my grandad was born and who his father was. He was born out of wedlock. A birth certificate might help me. Thanks, Ethebra
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    Help with family search

    Hi, Not sure how to begin doing this type of research. I haven't much to go on and I don't often talk to relatives and when I do, they're not forthcoming. I want to find out about my family on my dad's paternal side first of all. That line is probably the most mysterious. I know my grandad's...
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    Hi, I've joined this site because I'm interested in finding out more of my ancestry. I'm looking at the lineage on my father's side. I'm also having trouble using most genealogy websites. The free ones can't find my grandad and some of them don't work properly, even the popular sites are...