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Recent content by evans11

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    GRO Reference Checking Points

    I recently ordered some certificates from the GRO and was unable to supply reference checking, has this been removed, together with the price going up? Brian
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    Ellen and John Evans can anyone help find death cert please

    Information I have so far: Ellen Evans married John Evans on the 8th June 1873 at St Paul’s church in the parish of Liverpool. Ellen was born c1855 in Bangor, Nr Wales, her father was Daniel Evans and he was a Marina. On the marriage cert it says under Age for Ellen that she was a ‘minor’...
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    Tracing death certificates

    I would appreciate any and all tips on how to trace death certificates please, birth seem to be not much problem it’s the deaths I can not find. May be there aren’t any and it’s just a case of trial and error but any suggestions would be good.
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    Please please help with a look up if you can, Evans, 1861

    I have found William & Elizabeth Evans and family in 1851 - Ref - HO107/2513/-F99 but can not find the family after this i.e. 1861 onwards. I would be very greatful for some help/advice
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    Dead people, their certificates

    Need some help please, I have found lots of birth certificates of relatives going back to the 17,18 & 19 hundreds I now need to find death certificates, are there any 'golden rules' or tips to make searching a little easier please? Or is it a case of finding the last Census entry and looking...
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    Plumbe Street, liverpool

    Does anyone know were this street was in Liverpool please? I had family living there in the 1881 census; I have searched Google but nothing. regards Brian
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    Cattern Lad

    If this has already been asked then I apologise, I could not see a post. Does any one know what a Cattern Lad did? Apparently my g/grandfather was one 1901's
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    West Derby, Everton South

    Can anyone advise me on how I can obtain baptism information please? I have my dad’s birthdate as 19/12/1907, born Liverpool (this information is from his death certificate) but when I check birth records for the last quarter of 1907 and 1st quarter of 1908 there are no matches. The closest I...