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    Whitaker (or Whittaker?) Family 1940s

    Yes, it was very special. I'm so pleased I have this. I had to wait a year for it to arrive and it was well worth the wait. I've just sent you a message. Thank you for the tip on how to do this. Best to you too.
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    Whitaker (or Whittaker?) Family 1940s

    Thank you for taking a look at your tree for me, and also for confirming that W G Whittaker was one and the same Wilfred Whittaker, Harold's brother. That's really kind of you. I've been trying to work out how to send you a private message through the forum, but don't know how to do this...
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    Whitaker (or Whittaker?) Family 1940s

    Thank you so much for your reply Somersheen. It does help. So W.G. Whittaker who is mentioned with H.S. Whittaker of Wardle Bridge Farm in the phone directories from 1929-1934 was possibly Wilfred Whittaker, married to your mother, and brother of Harold Stott Whittaker. Would that be...
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    Homestead Possibly Nantwich, Cheshire

    Post cancelled, unable to provide a photo.
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    Whitaker (or Whittaker?) Family 1940s

    Hi I am just new to this Forum. My father was a POW in Cheshire from approximately 1944 -1946. He worked on a farm in Cheshire which was run by a family named Whitaker. (Might be spelt Whittaker?) They had a daughter named Helen and possibly a daughter named Mary. My father became very...