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Recent content by fletch59

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    RAF,WW2 question

    Thanks Horse. I found Caswell, Cullis, Shatwell, Bayfield and Latham on the website mentioned, but nothing to tie them all together, though most seemed to be on 'general duties'. Is there any way I can get H J Read's record without subscribing, or at least a transcript of his main WW2 moments?
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    RAF,WW2 question

    Names from photo, where I can read signature! Henry John Read(uncle), GJ Hornsey, Wall, Shore/Shory, P Lloyd, H Reane, A Caswell, Paddy Caisley, Dignall, L Cullis, W Cranham, Dai Chisholm, Elan, Shatwell, Palmer, Faulkner, Bofeld, Benn, A Myers, Wool..., F Latham.
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    RAF,WW2 question

    This was a group in uniform and the abbreviation in question was on a board held in front of them, so if there was such a squadron, 106e could be it. No sign of USA but since my uncle and much of the RAF in training , ended up in Canada, could be USA, though I assumed England.
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    RAF,WW2 question

    Thanks Dave. Stumped me too. Shame because my uncle is in it and most have signed on the reverse. Definitely WWR. Someone out there must know. :-)
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    RAF,WW2 question

    I have a photo of an RAF group c1941, labeled WWR 106e. Anyone know what that means? I think this group ended up in Canada. Thanks.