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Recent content by flounder

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    Jones/Evans Marriage?

    Thanks for all your help, am hoping by tommorow that my credits have kicked in on a search site, then i can play search around a bit without asking people to waste there money lol On Ronald's birth cert fathers occupation is Labourer, on the marriage cert he is a colliery labourer (above...
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    Jones/Evans Marriage?

    Hi, thanks for looking, my grandfather was born Ronald Llloyd Jones, 30/12/1921, registered Mar qtr 1922. I have looked all over Glamorgan, but have got no where, just can't match the 2 together, i suppose its a bit like looking for John Smith in England! Because I was struggling with this side...
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    Jones/Evans Marriage?

    Hi all, this is my first query on the site, so if i post something wrong, please tell me. The welsh side of my family is a bit confusing to say the least. My parents were cousins, children of sisters, sadly this caused quite a rift in the family, moire so when they divorced, so sadly i had no...
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    Hi all

    Many thanks all for your wonderful welcome, will be posting very soon i should think. Thanks again Wendy.xxx
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    Hi all

    Hi all, My name is Wendy and i have just joined this forum, i live in Birmingham/Solihull and have only started searching my family tree in the 6 months or so. Have made quite a bit of headway with regards my maternal side (Warwickshire), but am struggling with part of my paternal side...