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Recent content by Frank1234

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    Ottawa place

    I already placed a message in the German forum.ahnenforschung.net a year ago and only recently got 2 replies. It's all in German so I could manage with what i was taught 40 years ago and some Google Translante. Now like I said in another post is that Reeder became Reeders in the 1901 UK census...
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    Reeders in the USA

    For a fact I have one distant family member in the USA that has roots in the UK back to Australia back to the Netherlands. Distant family members are also in South Africa and there are colored people with my surname in the USA as well. I wonder if their ancesters were given that name by the...
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    Reeders in South Africa

    I already have 3 Dutch trees that aren't linked to each other, an Australian and UK one. There are links to South Africa and there is distant family there. I tried contacting some of them on facebook without success. I have plenty of names marriages mainly, but I have no data on how they're...