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    What's your Hobby or Hobbies, besides Family History.?

    Don't know that hobby is the right word, but the thing that takes up most of my time these days is recording the oral histories of care leavers. I did units on it at uni and have taken it up. So Jude, family history and oral history. Glen.
  2. g d cooper

    Wally moments.

    Jude does that all the time, but I may not tell her shes a wally might get hit with a paintbrush:).
  3. g d cooper

    Wally moments.

    I don't get on here much now, but good to know the Wally corner is still going.
  4. g d cooper

    Gaining Names?

    My father is recorded at birth in Southampton as George H Cooper but turns up in Australia post WW2 as George Henry Douglas Cooper. I think they just add what they liked for their own reasons.
  5. g d cooper

    Family photo

    Have a good trip and snap the photo when they are not expecting it.:biggrin:
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    Should be a message top right hand of the page.
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    Hi, Jez, I take it you are related to one of Alice siblings. I f you answer this I can send you a private message
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    Post 1 more time Jez, it would be best if we talked in private first so you can decide what you want to put up in public. By the way, I'd say we are second cousins. Glen.
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    Hi Jez, Glad you got some info out of it, Alice is my Grandmother although we never meet, her daughter Elsie was my mother she was known as Gay. Glen
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    Bah Humbug.

    Re: Ba Humbug. Happy Christmas to you and your's Steve To all members hope you have a wonderful Christmas from my family to yours. :biggrin: Glen. :2fun:
  11. g d cooper

    More tiny feet.

    Congrats Steve, grand-kids are the best. Glen & Jude :biggrin:
  12. g d cooper

    BASIC = Unsophisticated

    I know I have amused the hell out of the whole shop at times. Oh well, I have learned a great deal over the last ten years. Glen :2fun:
  13. g d cooper

    BASIC = Unsophisticated

    Hi gibbo like anything new, learn the language first always helps. I was sure they were saying meaty bite's and could not understand what the connection was between dog food and computer. Glen :2fun:
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    BASIC = Unsophisticated

    Sounds like my first computer! the first shop went on &on about all this tec stuff. I had no idea what he was talking about, but he was very excited about meaty bits for some reason. After a good lay down and a Bex I headed off to a new shop the 12-year-old behind the counter started the meaty...
  15. g d cooper

    Off line for a bit

    Good to hear you and Brian are settling in.