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Recent content by gedcom

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    East and West kent regs.

    Hi Hollowayranger He may have been given his DCM for the Boer War. I have found a site which says there were 9 DCM's awarded in the Boer War within the Royal West Kent Regiment, but don't know how acurate that is. There is another site which gives a name list of DCM's awarded in Boer War but...
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    East and West kent regs.

    I have just looked at the above card on Ancestry. There is a number at the side saying 23/9/53 - is this the date he passed away? (sorry just seen you said 52 - not sure what the above number means then - his death is registered in 1953 so I suspect this is the correct medal card) I have put...
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    East and West kent regs.

    This looks like it could be his medal card from National Archives, which you can download for £2. Description Medal card of Robertson, Herbert H Royal West Kent Regiment 3139 Private Royal Defence Corps 40293 Private Gedcom
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    Ling, Jonathan Henry birth details

    Hi Kelly Cannot see anything that jumps out at me immediately. I found a Jonathon Ling on the 1841 census. St George in the East. St Paul. Martha Street Mary Ling 50 Maryann Ling 20 Robert Ling 21 John Ling 15 Jonathan Ling 10 Also this marriage on Pallots - Just thinking about...
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    David SANDS 1852-1931 - Did he marry?

    Hi Dave Like you, I cannot find any more at the moment. I have just had a trawl through the Digitised Australian Newspaper site just incase. I wondered if David had an obituary when he died, it might have named his children if he had any. Gedcom
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    Ling, Jonathan Henry birth details

    Is this his death 16032/1908 LING JONATHAN H Father, FRANCIS Mother MARY, District, WOLLONGONG You can purchase the above certificate if you feel it would confirm his parents. Gedcom
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    David SANDS 1852-1931 - Did he marry?

    There is this but I don't know if he is the right one Australian Electoral Roll John Marshall Sands Gender: Male Electoral Year: 1919 State: Queensland District: Oxley Subdistrict: Brisbane South Also John Marshall Sands Gender: Male Electoral Year: 1936 State: New South...
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    David SANDS 1852-1931 - Did he marry?

    This is from an Electoral Roll David Sands Gender: Male Electoral Year: 1930 State: New South Wales District: South Sydney Subdistrict: Randwick East There is also mentions of a David Sands in Directories, address is Carr Street Randwick. (1908 Gedcom
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    Marriage - Help............

    Hi There is a marriage in 1994 but not to a Balls, don't forget if the Mother has been married before the children will be under her maiden name and the marriage will be under her previous name. Gedcom.
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    Looking for Mary Hannah Severn )nee Eason

    Hi, I agree you still need to purchase the death certificate. I wondered if you could get an electoral roll look up for that address for the ensuing years. I am not in that area or I would go and look for you. Gedcom
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    Looking for Mary Hannah Severn )nee Eason

    The death in 1971 has a birth date of 13th December 1883 on the actual image. Gedcom.
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    Looking for Mary Hannah Severn )nee Eason

    Just been having a look on findmypast passenger lists to see if Frederick gave an address when he came to Australia, as that might be useful. There is an F Severn, Miner, address 29 Padley Hill, Mansfield, travelling on the Ormonde, London to Australia (Brisbane) 16th April 1921 - but he is...
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    I Cant Find Ruth

    Hi Just checking her birth index and she has a middle initial of C, do you happen to know what this stands for. If you haven't been able to find a marriage or a death I wondered if she could have used her middle name. Gedcom
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    watling lookup,please?

    Good, Let us know if you need any more information. :) Gedcom
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    Hi Blantyrelass welcome to the forums. Gedcom