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Recent content by gibbo

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    David & Mary Ann HAMILTON

    Bathurst cemetery 18565 HAMILTON Mary Ann Religon Wesleyan OLD cemetery NO HEADSTONE
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    Frederick and Edith Roeser

    Thank you for that. This is my daughter in laws family so will pass the information on to her.
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    DNA query

    Seems 7th cousin is to far down the track to be of any benefit for what i was looking for. Still if i do get it done maybe someone closer might pop up.
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    DNA query

    To have a DNA test done with ancestry or the likes of do i have to be a paid member? The other query i have is if there is a particular person who i think is my grandfather [deceased], is his 7th cousin to far down the track for his and my DNA to be compared to tell me im one of theirs? The...
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    Burrows From Lancashire,

    Death for Thomas Godkin Deaths Mar 1901 Godkin Thomas aged 31 Toxteth Park 8b 132 .
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    Ancestry has this, i dont have membership so can not get further information. All Hamburg, Germany, Deaths, 1874-1950 results for Benfield Alfred Binfield year dd mm 1909 info info
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    Left Hamburg Shipping Intelligence Saturday, Feb. 6, 1909 Publication: Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland) Issue: 16870
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    Arriving Hamburg Shipping Intelligence Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1909 Publication: Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland) Issue: 16867
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    I feel the ship Avondale Castle would hold the key to finding out more but it appears there is very little in the line of records for that ship. Have you tried contacting these below? A long shot but years of searching anything is worth a try to see what they may have or do not have on that...
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    Extracted logs Ships name Avondale Castle Official Number 108160 Date of Voyage 30 January 1909 – 8 February 1909. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C1732258 .
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    Were you able to discount the below person. I found this on another site from years ago. Quote "Alfred Binfield age 38, died in Hamburg 2/feb/1909 from a stomach hemorrmage. Last Address 45, Sutton Road, Barking, London. No central Merchant Navy personal records were kept or survive for the...
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    Posting for some reference to the family. Registration District West Ham 1904 Birth in the Sub-district of South East Ham in the County of Essex No. 334 When and where born: Fourth April 1904 77 Bonny Downs Road U.D. Name, if any: Lorance Gibson ***: boy Name and surname of father: Lorance...
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    Searching 1891 census by Address

    I found it on Familysearch site. If you haven't used the site before its free but have to register. https://www.familysearch.org/search/ .
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    Searching 1891 census by Address

    Possibly ?? Note the name Pratt also at the same address 1891 UK census Name: Charles Self Event Place: Lambeth, London, England, United Kingdom Event Place (Original): Lambeth, London, England Event Place Note: Doris Street County: London Parish: Lambeth Ecclesiastical...
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    I would love to go and see where my 4x great mother [a convict] lived in Tasmania, not so much of a connection feeling but out of interest after reading a inquest into the death of her 3 month old daughter, in the inquest they described the hut they lived in and it had me intrigued as to how...